Spring Cleaning of the Soul…

With spring on it’s way, and it is time to think about spring cleaning, not only your house, but also your soul. We all to often collect spiritual junk through the year, bad memories, bad relationships and habits that leave us a little cluttered. The clutter of life can and does get in the way of life itself, so take out your spiritual window cleaner and wipe your view of the world clean of all the clutter.

Take time to make a list of all that is in your life, the good the bad and the ugly, bit don’t forget to add the beautiful to the list. Start by removing the ugly from your life. It can be people, art, music or any other ugly in your life. You may not know this, but ugly art, music and such do effect your life, they bring you down. So remove all that holds you down, and replace it with the beautiful of live. Get music that is uplifting, read a book of hope and love and find friends who will lift you up, not hold you down,

I would recommend a day of contemplation is added to your schedule. Just one day of thinking deeply about your clutter and what needs to go… Then let it GO! As the old saying goes, Let go and let God! There is truth in that statement…

Below is an article I found on the web, I thought it may help you with your spring cleaning of the soul…

Try some of these “Life Cleaning” tips:

Start with one drawer … Then a closet. Next, a whole room. Rampage through your physical space, one step at a time, as a symbolic gesture of cleaning up your life and making room for love. Take a big black garbage bag — or 10! –and dump things. Give anything you don’t need any more to the Garbage Goddess or to charity.  Or sell some stuff on e-bay (but if you are never going to get around to that, give it way!).

Let go of memorabilia from past or failed relationships. This includes anything that ties you inappropriately to the past, or to a love affair that is long over. Naturally you want to save anything that is valuable or sacred, but pack it up and place it in storage — at least for now. You should not be looking at pictures of your old loves on the mantle, or stuff that reminds you of that person, while trying to get ready for the new. Keeping a photo of your ex on display energetically keeps him or her around your house!

Make cleaning up your life a fun and rejuvenating ritual. Play music, such as “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta Hair,” and dance around as your ditch the old the make room for the new. Music and dance is like a moving prayer that helps generate good feelings and hope.

Write an elimination list. Jot down thoughts, items, relationships, “things” you know are in the way of your soul mate success. List things you choose to release or transform for the highest good.  When ready to let things go, or at least reach the next level of willingness to let go, rip up your list and flush the pieces, symbolically releasing the things that have kept life messy, out of balance and at a standstill. Say a prayer for the highest good of all involved.


© Copyright 2006 Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway  All Rights Reserved.



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