One of the hardest things in life, is death… When a loved one dies, the ones left behind feel the loss, the pain and sorrow. No amount of condolences can ever fill the void in your heart. Death is part of life, its is not the end of it.

On February 13th of 2019, Ted, my friend for the past 10 years passed away. He was a faithful friend and will be missed. His death was unexpected and sudden. But life is sometimes like that… Ted, a rescue dog, who chose me as his human.

Ten years ago I went to a friends house to select a new dog, she rescued schnauzers, she has several dogs to choose from. I sat on her couch, she opened the doors to all the crates and let the dogs out so I could observe them. Ted, or as he was named at the time, Lego, jumped up on me, sat down and would not let any other dog near me… So I knew at once, the this is the dog for me. But his name had to change… Why, because his current name, Lego, was not grand enough for his looks. He was all silver, and to me looks very proper and distinguished, and for whatever reason, reminded me of Theodore Roosevelt… I could just picture Ted in a top hat and eye monocle in…

Sill, i know, but that’s how and why his name changes from Lego to Ted…

Ted was a faithful dog, but he has a free spirit, he liked to run.. Well, run out of the yard and go for long walks by himself… Never could break him of that… He was not a dog that needed lots of attention, more of a ill come to you when I am ready type of dog.

Most dog, when there master returns home form work, are over joyed to see them, they jump and and run and get all excited.. Nope, not Ted, he sat in his chair and waited for me to come to him… Then, once I greeted him in his chair, he would slowly get up, stretch and then, if the mood was right, come to me… Yep, that was Ted…

Ted will be missed… That much I do know…

God Bless


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