Gas, Gay & Liberals

This story illustrates the problem with liberalism.. Well there are many problems, but just this one will do for now... The problem... There total lack of consistency. 


The Hit Job

President Trump seems to always be making the news with his off the cuff remarks. The latest is the Shit-hole comment. Did he say, I don't know, some say ya, some say no and some say he was misrepresented... In truth, it really shouldn't matter... Was it in poor taste (if he did say it), … Continue reading The Hit Job

Remembrance, Responsibility & Dream

The “I Have a Dream” speech, delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. before a crowd of some 250,000 people at the 1963 March on Washington, remains one of the most famous speeches in history. Weaving in references to the country’s Founding Fathers and the Bible, King used universal themes to depict the struggles of African … Continue reading Remembrance, Responsibility & Dream


Is integrity a lots art? Have Americans abandon the concept of integrity? There are many examples of this being the case, the latest, a woman who returned a Christmas tree in January... And it was a live tree.. Well, at one point it was living.. Yep, she returned a dead tree to Costco, and yep, … Continue reading Integrity

9 Sunday Traditions That Make Us Wish We Were Kids Again

Sundays had on a whole different tempo when we were kids. They weren’t days for shopping or for running around. You were with your family and your community all day. We have some very good memories of Sundays spent reading after a busy morning and a big meal. Sundays have changed dramatically from what we … Continue reading 9 Sunday Traditions That Make Us Wish We Were Kids Again

The Nanny State and you

I smoke, I am trying to quit, but at this time I smoke. I won't like, I enjoy it, it's my mental break from work, my social time with the few friends that do smoke and my alone time, time for me to decompress. But I know I need to quit for my health, and I am trying. Having said that, I also believe in personal freedom and responsibility, something that seems to be a dwelling idea. It seems that every day or so someone is trying to micromanage our lives. 

Snowflake Workout

Seems like everything is offensive... Censorship of our intake of news and views is now happening at Life Time Fitness is now a thing, they decided that FOX, CNN and the rest of the cable news channels are just to stressful for workouts... Really?