Middle schooler suspended after principal sees his veterans memorial

The stupidity of the left never stops to amaze me… Really? A tribute to our military heroes and he gets an in-school suspension…. Come on!

Where are the grownups? there has to be at least one in the school system that sees the stupidity of all this…

I have no kids of my own, and that is most-likely a good thing, because if I did, i am sure I would be blocked from entering the schools and my kid would be banned from any public school in the United States… I would not be able to sit back and just take it, I wold have to speak up and defend our nation from the stupidity of the left, from the indoctrination of my child into the mindless sheep of the left.. Yep, they would have a poster of my face with the words, not allowed on school property… I am sure of it.

Almost every day I read of some stupid act by some stupid person… It has gotten out-of-control…

Let’s hope, no lets pray, that one day common scene will once again return, and let pray that day is very soon.


Source: Middle schooler suspended after principal sees his veterans memorial

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