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I was a grind.

That was the word for it back in the day: the kid who sweated the details, who made flashcards. A striver, a grade-hog, a worker bee — that kid — and I can see him clearly now, almost 40 years later, bent over a textbook, squinting in the glow of a cheap desk lamp.

I can see him early in the morning, too, up and studying at 5 o’clock: sophomore year, high school, his stomach on low boil because he can’t quite master — what? The quadratic formula? The terms of the Louisiana Purchase? The Lend-Lease policy, the mean value theorem, Eliot’s use of irony as a metaphor for … some damn thing?

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Principal Says to Heck With the Student Election Results for One Politically Correct Reason

This is perfect, lets teach the kids at a young age, that when a liberal does not get there way, they just do what they want anyway. She, the principal, has just told the kids, thanks for voting, but hey, I don’t like how you voted, so I will do as I please…. UGH!!!!

Principal Lena Van Haren has suspended the results of student government elections because although the student body is 80% non-white, the election results did not reflect that.

“That is concerning to me because as principal I want to make sure all voices are heard from all backgrounds…”

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The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland

The American education system is broken, for many reasons, but one main reason, as I see it, we are trying to hard…. Five year olds should not be doing math, they should be playing… Discovering life and friendship and sharing, or not sharing, sometimes life is not fair, that too is a good lesson to learn when your just 5 years old.

kindergarten-421623_1280-742x557“The changes to kindergarten make me sick,” a veteran teacher in Arkansas recently admitted to me. “Think about what you did in first grade—that’s what my 5-year-old babies are expected to do.”

The difference between first grade and kindergarten may not seem like much, but what I remember about my first-grade experience in the mid-90s doesn’t match the kindergarten she described in her email: three and a half hours of daily literacy instruction, an hour and a half of daily math instruction, 20 minutes of daily “physical activity time” (officially banned from being called “recess”) and two 56-question standardized tests in literacy and math—on the fourth week of school.

That American friend—who teaches 20 students without an aide—has fought to integrate 30 minutes of “station time” into the literacy block, which includes  “blocks, science, magnetic letters, play dough with letter stamps to practice words, books, and storytelling.” But the most controversial area of her classroom isn’t the blocks nor the stamps: Rather, it’s the “house station with dolls and toy food”—items her district tried to remove last year. The implication was clear: There’s no time for play in kindergarten anymore.

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Mom Outraged to Find This Sticker on Her Son’s Textbook Addressing Abortion and Sex |

Ok, I don’t get why she is pissed? No mention of religion, God or anything. Just a statement. Would she have been pissed if it said, Hey free condoms call.. or free abortion call… ? I think not, Liberals love to act open minded, until they are confronted with it…

Suzanne Young, a mother and New York Times best-selling author of “young adult novels,” took to Twitter to protest the Gilbert Public School District’s decision to express its support of adoption over abortion and abstinence as the “most effective” way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

Take a look at the sticker:

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Politicians’ college loan fixes flawed – Hartford Courant


Republicans Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, John Kasich and Chris Christie all have plans or will soon. The same goes for Democrats Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. Hillary Clinton joined the crowd last week with a $350 billion package of ideas.

It’s all aimed at helping young people afford to go to college and pay off the debts that come due later. For anyone running for president in 2016 — and hoping to win the millennial vote — promising to fix the student-loan mess seems essential.

It’s certainly a problem: More than 40 million young adults have unpaid college loans, almost twice as many as a decade ago. The total outstanding, $1.2 trillion, exceeds what households owe on their credit cards or car loans. One in six borrowers is delinquent or in default.

The first rule for a new program is, or should be, do no harm. Yet none of the plans released so far would do enough to lessen the need for students to borrow.

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Teachers Told NOT to Call Students Boys or Girls…Must Now Say This Instead

UGH! Ok all my liberal friends, this is it, I am done, you have gone to far… Good God! Sorry to say this, but boys and girls are different, they just are… It is time to get over it and just deal with it…. Oh, and by the way, only about 1% of the world population is gay or lesbian. So we are changing everything for maybe 1% of the population… Really… UGH!


The more exposed I am to the lunacy of liberalism, the more I’m convinced it’s some sort of airborne pathogen that seeps into the skulls of the weak minded and transforms them into progressive, statist zombies.

How else do you explain the fact that the “Human Rights Campaign” organization can create a guide for “gender inclusive classrooms” and not be laughed right out of the school building for pushing radical hippie-dippie malarkey?

Yes, apparently, teachers shouldn’t refer to the children in class as “boys and girls,” but as “friends or students,” because that’s more inclusive.

Oh, it gets better, so save the eye rolls until the end.

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Parents outraged after middle schoolers attend LGBTQ sex conference –

Disturbing, very disturbing… Liberals really need to get their heads examined…

ALTOONA, Iowa – “Concerned Citizens” are petitioning Iowa’s Humboldt School District to prevent students from attending the Iowa Safe Schools conference after realizing it’s more about gay sex than bullying.

The group of concerned parents and citizens in Humboldt believe it’s “a gross misuse of taxpayer money” to send students to the conference after several came home disturbed by the graphic, profanity-laced presentations delivered at the event in Altoona this April, WHO TV reports.

The “Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth” April 3 was billed as an anti-bullying summit aimed at fostering understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ youth, but when they arrived they soon learned there was a lot more going on.

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