10863931_906101779430517_2912185421682307608_oThis blog is for the everyday American, the American who works hard and who loves America, it is for the faithful who love God and the Church. It is for anyone who wishes to grow in faith and understanding, it is a blog for the everyday person that whats to see America regain her roots, roots that were planted in freedom, faith and our God-given rights.

I am such a person, I am that everyday person who believes in American and all she stands for…. I am Paul, I am American, Catholic and Proud!

God Bless


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Paul,

    I am a Catholic fiction author from Long Grove, IL. You won’t see my name on any best seller lists, but I have written a book that I think your readers will really find intriguing. It is called “The Third Testament.” It is a strongly pro-Catholic (and pro-America) novel about a troubled college history professor who sets out to write the next testament of the Bible. Historically accurate, it contains inspirational quotations from the most prominent saints, highlights the origins of Christian traditions, and recounts in biblical fashion the miraculous events of the last two millennia.

    If you think you may be interested in reading my book and posting an honest review, I’ll gladly send a complimentary copy. There is no obligation, of course.
    If you have any questions please e-mail me or visit my website: http://thethirdtestamentnovel.com. For more information you may also want to check out the reviews at http://www.catholicfiction.net/2010/11/27/the-third-testament-by-john-eklund/ and Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Third-Testament-John-Eklund/dp/1450225039).

    Warm regards,

    John Eklund


  2. There is something happening that is interesting that God is doing to cause life to understand how it understands something to it and is using itself either within unity or integratinos. If you experience an interest you can go over and understand something able to be used toward what you will always know and do at http://www.allelyah.wordpress.com.


  3. iam a believer i am confused is thechurch in hopkinton associated with the philosophy you are espousing? this church used to bea congregational church but chaned its name to faithin community


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