America Finally Admits Recycling Doesn’t Work | Intellectual Takeout

This is something I have been saying for years… Take the plastic bags that we are forced to get at our local grocery store or gas station. Forget the fact that they are cheap and tear, or that they roll around in your trunk or the fact that you know have trillions of them in your home, because you save them… They are bad for the environment… Simple as that..

So why do we have them.. Because some rocket scientist decided paper was bad… Paper, made from trees, and as we know, cutting down trees is bad… Forget the fact that trees can be planted, forget the fact that paper mills always plant more trees then they cut and please forget the fact that paper is biodegradable… Those are facts, and we don’t want facts to get in the way of the environmental nut cases…

think about it, think what they have done, here are a few examples:

  1. Paper bad, Plastic good — Wrong, plastic is very bad
  2. Glass pop bottles bad, plastic good — Wrong plastic is very bad
  3. gas cars bad, electric good — Umm sorry, but we waste more energy on electric cars (think production, transporting, and charging up, also consider the battery and what to do with them once they are dead, can’t just toss them in the land fill.

Speaking of land fills… In Michigan we have a small little ski hill that we love, its fun, and not to far from the Detroit area, it provides families with hours of entertainment. What was it before it became a ski hill.. A dump! literally a trash dump. What happened to the trash, it biodegraded in to dirt, oh, sure some of it still is degrading and some may never degrade, at least in our life times, think plastic, but the hill is there, it has trees and grass and now ski lifts and families enjoying the winter.

Am I saying recycle nothing, just toss it all out.. Nope, not at all… I’m saying think before you jump… Return to paper bags, return to glass pop (soda for all you non Michiganders), hell return to glass for peanut butter, cooking oil, salad dressings… Stop using plastic. Sure it lighter, unbreakable, but its bad for the environment…

We need to learn to think before we act… And Government seems to have a hard time doing this… Maybe it’s time we, the citizens, start to do the thinking…

Please take time to read the article below…

It’s time to admit the recycling mania is a giant placebo.

Source: America Finally Admits Recycling Doesn’t Work | Intellectual Takeout

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One thought on “America Finally Admits Recycling Doesn’t Work | Intellectual Takeout

  1. Yeah, right… recycling is kinda like this self righteous act which people do so they can ignore the real issue of plastic consumption and production. Its like a guilt cleansing ritual for the middle class. Most of it goes to landfill anyway, and just because it ‘is’ recyclable doesn’t mean that it ‘will ever’ be recycled.


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