Sin, God and Us…

Sin is a four letter word, and one that we all seem to like to use. We seem to be drawn to what we know is bad for us, not only here on earth but also in the afterlife. Why is that? I could just say it’s not my fault, and blame it on my upbringing or … Continue reading Sin, God and Us…

Pizza Sauce

Anyone who knows me,knows I love to eat. I, like most Americans love pizza Americans eat the equivalent of 100 acres of pizza per day… That’s a lot of pizza! And each pizza taste different. Dominos or Little Casers, Papa Romano’s or Frozen, they all have a unique taste. So what makes them different? If … Continue reading Pizza Sauce

Target or Ambercrombie?

Would Jesus shop at Target or Wal-mart? Or is he more of a Ambercrombie type? It's hard to say, because the Target's and Wal-marts' of the world use cheep labor to make their items, but Ambercrombie uses sex to sell their items. Where is the moral ground on this, and where could Jesus shop? Both examples … Continue reading Target or Ambercrombie?

Storm of Humanity

Quiet! Be Still! Now they don't sound like words Jesus would say, but he did.He said it and it happened. It was a miracle. I bet all of us who deal with children or have our own wish that would work for us. But for the most part it does not work that way. We … Continue reading Storm of Humanity

Shh, listen for the quiet

Whisper... Shhh... Quiet... The sounds of silence, all to often we do not hear that sound.  The sound of nothingness, is it really a sound? As the age old questions goes, If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Yes, Yes is does, … Continue reading Shh, listen for the quiet

Just Because

There are a lot of silly things in the world, and sometimes you have to stop and think, why would someone do that or what made them think of that….  I had the same question this past Sunday, Michael, one of the 7th graders in the youth program I run, brought in a giant rubber Band … Continue reading Just Because

Trust & Faith

Trust in me… Have faith, God will provide… If it is God’s will, Not my will but yours will be done… For the grace of God go I…We all have heard, or said one of the above, I know I have, I love saying have faith and for the grace of God go I. I … Continue reading Trust & Faith

I have seen the Face of God

I have seen the face of God, and I looked away….In this day and age where people are always questioning the existence of God, it is sometimes hard to find it in my heart to not look away from them, To turn my back and walk away. Who  wants their faith attacked? I don’t! I … Continue reading I have seen the Face of God

Free Passion

Last night I watched Mel Gibson’s The Passion, I love that film. Yes it can be violent, but I am sure that it really was violent, and yes I was made for the big screen and to captivate people, so there is a little Hollywood in it, but so what. It is still a great … Continue reading Free Passion