Key #7: A Team Sport

Key #7: A Team Sport Find support, friends, family, Church or Community. We are people who need others to help us along our way Nothing is ever done in a void, everything you do effect other around you, so why not involve them in the process of changing your life? We all need a support … Continue reading Key #7: A Team Sport

Peter if you only knew…

Easter is just around the corner, and we are in the heart of Holy Week. There is so much I can talk about, so many topics, from Easter Bunny to Jesus on the cross, but I think I will talk about Peter being in denial. Peter is like us in a lot aways, he was always … Continue reading Peter if you only knew…

Key #6: A Daily Habit Starts Today

Key #6: A Daily Habit Starts Today They say it takes 28 days to form a habit, make this day one… Pick one new healthy habit to start today. Habits are a funny thing, we seem to pick them up with out even noticing them. Slang we hear everyday, songs we sing when we do … Continue reading Key #6: A Daily Habit Starts Today

Fun with Dick and Jane….

Fun with Dick and Jane.... Or something like that.  when was the last time you went to church and left saying that was fun? How many times have you gone in to church dreading it? Or went only because you had to? Being Catholic, we are not know for our exciting mass, we don't get … Continue reading Fun with Dick and Jane….