Are you being Served

Are you being served.. That was a grate old BBC TV show, I love the humor, silly and very deep. But it's a good questions to ask yourself Are you bign served? We all need tings in this world, we all need to be served and we all need to serve,  its a two way … Continue reading Are you being Served

How very human of Jesus

To often people seem to forget that Jesus was human, they seem to only be concerned with his heavenly side. How sad… Jesus was human and divine, that means he was as real as you and I, he ate, and drank, and even went to the bathroom… And yes he was also Divine, he was … Continue reading How very human of Jesus

Choose God, Choose Good

What does it mean to be strong for someone? What does it mean to be strong for yourself? Being strong can be taken so many different ways... I can act like nothing bothers me, and they will say, He is a strong man.... But really am I? If I cry, they say, he is weak... … Continue reading Choose God, Choose Good

God's ATM

Today, many of us will be setting our clocks ahead one hour, for Daylight Savings time. But really do we save any time? Not really we just change the clock, but no time is really saved. We still only have 24 hours in a day, and we don't have the extra hour to add to … Continue reading God's ATM