Thinking On Your Feet: How to Answer Difficult Questions | The Art of Manliness

The are of communication in a two way street, asking questions and responding to questions go hand-in-hand... This article is a good resource ... Questions. Sometimes they’re as innocuous as “What’s up?” and other times they get our hearts pumping and our mouths stuttering. Part of being a man is knowing how to improvise, and … Continue reading Thinking On Your Feet: How to Answer Difficult Questions | The Art of Manliness

Self Retreat

I am currently, along with my partner, working on our 7th grade retreat. We plan on spending the day getting to know ourselves and God better. It’s a long day, but well worth the effort. Retreats offer us the opportunity to explore ourselves, and whatever topic is the basis of the retreat. We can spend … Continue reading Self Retreat

Resurrection of yourself

Over the past two weeks I have been listening to talks on CD’s on my ride in to work. I try to listen to Catholic radio on my ride, but the signal is so week in the morning that all I get is static mixed in with talk, so it’s kind of hard. So I … Continue reading Resurrection of yourself


I have been over in Germany and the UK for the past 2 weeks (well almost) and have not really taken the time to blog. But I have been reading my friends blog ( when ever i can get to the Internet. As of late she has writ en some powerful blogs, blogs to make … Continue reading Responcability

Ben and Change

This morning I was having a hard time thinking of what to write, so I did a internet search on “self Wisdom” and found the article below, please read it and visit the site. I hope this helps you…   (Below is an article about Ben Franklin, and how he sought to improve himself in … Continue reading Ben and Change

Spring Cleaning of the Soul…

With spring on it's way, and it is time to think about spring cleaning, not only your house, but also your soul. We all to often collect spiritual junk through the year, bad memories, bad relationships and habits that leave us a little cluttered. The clutter of life can and does get in the way … Continue reading Spring Cleaning of the Soul…

IF ONLY’s get in the way

IF ONLY.... Two simple word's and on their own really don't mean a lot, but put them together and BAM!!!! You just started down the road of regrets... If Only I did this.... If Only this happened.... If Only they.... See what I am getting at, we can live a life of IF ONLY's and … Continue reading IF ONLY’s get in the way

Tips From Pope John XXIII

We all love tips, the ten steps for everything, so I thought i would do a little research for you and give you The Ten Tips to be a better person.... So here are ten tips from Pope John XXIII about how to live a better life, day to day: 1. Only for today, I … Continue reading Tips From Pope John XXIII