Live life Loud

Live life loud!   Live life as if it is the only one you will ever have!   All too often we hold back, we don’t let it all hang out, we live life in fear of living life. We need to let go, we need to live life loud, to scream it from our … Continue reading Live life Loud

Self-worth or God-worth

self-worth - [self-wurth] –noun the sense of one's own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.     Self-worth is a valuable asset; we all need to feel a sense of value in our selves. We all need to know that we add value to this world, to our community and our families.   … Continue reading Self-worth or God-worth

Edging God Out

(NOTE: This blog is also posted on my STATIC Youth blog site, I normally do not post the same blog to both site, but I felt that this was a blog that served both site)     EGO… It’s a word we hear a lot about, we all have one, some are larger then others, … Continue reading Edging God Out

Edging God Out

EGO… It’s a word we hear a lot about, we all have one, some are larger then others, but in someway we all have one.   The ego serves only one purpose, and that is to make you feel better about whom you are. That in-of-it self is not a bad thing, but the ego … Continue reading Edging God Out

Catholic & Proud

Can you call yourself Catholic? Can you say it with pride? When people see you, will they say “They must be Catholic?   There was a time when people could pick us out of a crowd, but that doesn’t seem to be anymore. Now Catholics are just part of the crowed. Some would say that’s … Continue reading Catholic & Proud

Authentic Freedom

Authentic freedom does not meant doing what you want when you want to whom you want, but rather it means, understand who you are, and that you are not alone here.   All too often we think of freedom as a free for all. But freedom does not mean that, in any way shape or … Continue reading Authentic Freedom

Hurry up to wait

We all would like to see instant rewards, instant gratification and instant replies to our prayers, but in reality, it don’t work that way.   “All good things come to those that wait” we all have heard this line before, and most likely have stated it ourselves. But none of us really like to hear … Continue reading Hurry up to wait

Top Ten

Can I really be happy in a world that is so messed up? Can I really change in a world that expects me to act a certain way? Can I really work hard and enjoy life? Can things really be a simple as some say and as difficult as others believe? Can mind over matter … Continue reading Top Ten


This Sunday the Confirmation class from our youth group will be making their Confirmation. I have two overriding thoughts or feelings about this.   First off, I am very excited for these young people, they are about to receive the fullness of the Church, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. All very exciting, I … Continue reading Confirmation…


Sometimes simplicity is called for and other times it is mandated!   We all too often make things to complicated, we tend to add a level of difficulty to any task we do, or to any achievement we wish to gain.   Just look at the new math being used in schools, we can’t just … Continue reading 2+2=4