Education is a good thing, it makes your mind strong, and active. I love to read, I read Stephen King, books on my faith and almost any other kind of book that grabs me.The books I love the most are the ones that really capture my imagination, it’s almost like having a move playing in … Continue reading Simpletons

Life is what you make it!

Life is what you make it! This is my saying, I use it all the time, when people complain about how life is, or how it is not I always tell them, Life is what you make it. And I believe that, I really do. We have the power with in us, with the help … Continue reading Life is what you make it!

Doctors Visit

I went to the Doctors office today, to get my check up and refills on all the drugs he gives me. All the different things wrong with and each one a little pill can fix. Kind of a cool idea. I don’t feel good, take a pill, I’m to fat, take a pill, a little … Continue reading Doctors Visit