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Thanksgiving, an American holiday… Yes I know Canada has thanksgiving also, but I am talking about the American Thanksgiving, our Holiday, our day to give thanks. In todays politically correct world I am shocked that someone has not mandated that we change the name from Thanksgiving to something like, I am Sorry Day or Apology Day. Based on what the schools are teaching, the white Europeans came to this utopia and killed everyone off. That this land was a paradise, the native Americans lived in harmony with each other and the land. In fact many think the movie “Avatar” represents the struggle of the native Indians. This is not completely true, the native Americans, like Europeans, had many diverse nations with in America, some peaceful others not so much.

The first settlers of America from Europe came to the shores of this great land to find freedom, they came to carve out a new life in the wilderness, to establish a life for themselves. No it was not always a peaceful co-existence between the natives and the pilgrims, yes killing took place, on both sides. What we have to understand and take into consideration is the times this took place in. the mindset of the collective world. We cannot hold the past responsible for actions taken them based on morals and standards of today. Times were different, and the native Americans and the Pilgrims and other Europeans reacted based on standards and norms of the day. 

This is one of the main faults of the political correct movement, the norms of a society change, yet we feel that todays norms, the norms of 2010 should be applied to all times. Books such as ‘Huck Finn” are being banned based on todays political correct mindset, generations of youth will never know the genius of Mark Twain. History books are being re-write to fit into the political correct world, and leaving the facts to fall into the political correct obis. Sure, we as a Nation have made mistakes, as have every Nation, including the Native American Indian Nations. No Nation is perfect, but we also have made many positive contributions to the world, he have fostered peace among Nations and Peoples. We have established a democracy that is the envy of the world and we have created a Nation where all have a say and all are equal. Yes we have a long way to go, but we also have come a long way.

This Thanksgiving, give thanks for all that we, as a Nation, are thankful for, give thanks for the freedoms our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters have fought for, give thanks for the freedom to disagree with this post and the freedom to express your own feelings.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless


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