Wal-Mart and Christmas Trees

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer removes Christmas trees, come on, really…

Yep, that’s what I was told the other night. I was there for an eye appointment and we were all talking about “holiday” parties, the good old days and what use to be. One of the workers remarked that there store took down all the Christmas trees because a costumer complained. Come on, give me a break! It is Christmas time, it is a national holiday, and for most Americans it is a Holy Day! You don’t like it, to bad! Shop elsewhere… 

I just didn’t know what to say to them, how to respond except with a look of disbelief. Are we really in a time and place were one person dislike of a Christmas tree can dictate to a major corporation?  Is Wal-Mart really that scared of loosing that one person? Or even if its 1000 people, Come on!   

This world of political correctness has made us all stupider than before; we live in fear of what others may think. It is sickening and I for one am sick and tired of it. For Gods sake, it is Christmas shopping we are doing, not holiday shopping, so wish me a Merry Christmas. If I’m not Christian, than why should it bother me so much? I just don’t get it, if I am willing to get presents for my family and kids, celebrate and participate in the exchanging of gifts on December 25th, than why am I offended when it is called Christmas. 

To me, if I do not believe in the meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ, than I should not celebrate the day. It would be like me, a Catholic, celebrating Passover, I’m not Jewish, so why would I? And better yet, why would I get offended if other people do celebrate it? I don’t because I understand that it is their holy day, not mine. I just don’t get it! 

I am at a lost for words, there is so much I want to say, but I just can’t seem to get it out… I have started and deleted this paragraph five times… People are just stupid and political correctness is making us even more so… This madness has to stop, and it has to stop now!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “Wal-Mart and Christmas Trees

  1. I should preface this comment that i don’t particularly agree with WalMart’s business practices and overall model, but i think it is contradictory of its current viewpoint of religion. In the past WalMart has not allowed products that don’t live up to the Christian Right point of view on “Family Values” (music with swearing, provocative magazines like Cosmo). Yet Christmas is one of the greatest holydays and WalMart therefore would be expected to be large supporter of selling those products. Maybe it’s just a sign of how commercialized holydays like Christmas have become.

    What i don’t understand is the business reasoning, but i would like to suggest some possible reasons. First, WalMart could be trying to cater to their customer because they care more about the money received than the people giving it. Another possibility is that since Michigan has a more diverse collection of religious groups represented in the metro Detroit area than say the bible belt, there is a possibility that the non-Christian groups do exert enough influence to catch WalMart’s attention. Though with all that being said maybe it’s safe to say that WalMart has chosen Money as what it worships and people are always and only a means to get that.

    I also wonder if that’s the case than why not sell things to cater to every religion instead of being religion “neutral”. If they really wanted to make money, assuming the Christian “demo” didn’t stop shopping their as a result, that would be a growth opportunity to capitalize on and WalMart certainly has the buying power to make it a reality.

    Overall, I’m just as shocked as you are Paul.


    • I agree… We all know all companies want to make money, no issue with that, but why is it always the “Christians” that suffer. To me, it’s only 2 months out of the year that Christmas decorations are up in the shops, it’s a big holiday for Christians, let us have it…


  2. I’ve seen many people post about this, but cannot find any factual information. Can you link to a news story, or an officual statement from Walmert?


    • If you go to google and type in wal-mart christmas trees and you will find sever articles.
      Someone wanted to know why is it that the Christians are the ones that always, could it be because we write post. and talk about it. but how much do we really do about.? Maybe we need to get the strength to stand up more, instead of just talking.


  3. Perhaps as cash strapped as most churches are that churches start selling Christmas trees, as well as items that most Americans buy for Christmas presents…etc and let the departments stores alone; after all I am sure that the Churches all across America/United States would like the billions of USD that department stores bring in from sales at Christmas. One thing about it…Churches do not have to pay taxes.

    After all, should we Christians want to ruin department stores’ images and the right that the owners/stockholders of department stores have to support athethests, muslums, budda believers, or anyother religion that does not believe in God. Personally I really do not want to go out and buy “Holiday Gifts”; and send out “Holiday Greeting Cards”, and put up a “Holiday Tree”… nor do I appreciate it when someone tells me that I cannot tell someone “Merry Christmas” that I have to say “Happy Holidays”.

    I say to the politicians who called themselves employees of the U.S. Federal Government… you keep your idea about being “Politically Correct” and have a “Merry Christmas”.

    After all the Declaration of Independence was written by this countries forefathers who left England and other European countries and fought for independence so that the people of the United States should have the right to practice their religious belief in Christianity; to get away from Tyranny, and high taxes, as well as a few other reasons.

    I do not know of one Christian who wants to start a war over “Religion”. However, I will encourage other Christians to purchase their Christmas present items, Christmas trees, and Christmas cards from an organization who does recognize the fact the the United States does allow people to practice his or her belief in whichever religion or not to practice without persecution, redicule, and disgrace…and certainly without telling us when and where we can say “Merry Christmas”!

    Personnally I do not feel comfortable buying items that Wal*Mart and other department stores sell that are not “Made In USA”.


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