Some people are just stupid, and other thoughts

Just some thoughts on a few things for today’s posting:

The other day I was at Great lakes Crossings, Michigan’s largest Outlet Mall. I must have dropped my cell phone in the parking lot, and yes someone found it. But they did not turn it in. So how do I know someone found it, a friend of mine called me, and the person who found it picked it up and even told my friend were they found it. She asked him to be nice and turn it in to the mall security, yet they did not. So I have to ask, why wouldn’t they? What good are all my phone numbers to them? What good is a phone that has been deactivated?  I just don’t get people. I would have turned it in, knowing that the person who lost it most likely needs it. What if I had a sick child at home, or a dying parent? Some people are just stupid and selfish.

Well the young man who lives with me, you know the one I write about under the title of Drama Part…. Well he is off probation, as of the November 30th, this is great news, and December 25th the courts will grant me full and legal guardianship over him. Yet his so-called mother still refuses to talk to him. Once again some people are just stupid and selfish. He did talk to his younger brother, who still lives with his mother. He asked him for his Christmas list, he got a few items, like two, out of him but that was it. His mother did call to ask him why he was “bothering” him younger brother. He said to get his Christmas list, her response, He (the younger brother) don’t want anything for Christmas…. Hmm, not what we have heard…. She just needs help; she needs to be put in to a mental hospital and the key tossed out with the trash. Like I said, some people are just stupid and selfish.

So, my ex-friend I have talked about in other post, the man hater, she must be in heaven now. The parish priest where she works at has been relived of his duties. It has nothing to do with little boys at all, it seems he was, well lets just say very interested in a lady from a previous parish, and she did not want his interest. I am sure he is “guilty” as charged in the eyes of my ex-friend, for he is a man. The funny thing is (well not really funny) a parishioner is being charged with embezzlement, she is accused of taking over $10,000 from her mother. This same ex-friend, who in the past could not stand this parishioner, feels this must be a misunderstanding. Could this be because she is a woman and not a man? Hmmm, makes you wonder.  

Speaking of my ex-friend, I do wish that we were not ex-friends. Yes I know she has issues, but we all do. We did have a decent friendship for over 4 years, and lots of good discussions. But it seems that we will never be able to have that again. You see, I am a man, and I am the cause of all the worlds’ problems, in her eyes. So we will remain ex-friends… I wish her only the best…

That’s it for me today.. I am sure I will have more soon..

God Bless


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