Today my mood is like the weather we are having here in Michigan, damp. I feel damp, not quite sure how to explain it, but damp is the work that comes to mind.

For me, damp means a cold to the bone wet feeling that not even a hot bath can cure, and that’s how I feel.

Not sure why I feel this way, i could be that I am getting frustrated with the state of our economy, or all the bail outs and  free for all spending going on in DC, yet here I am struggling to make it. It could also be that the end of the year for the youth group I run is not coming fast enough for me, or a whole host of other issues or a combination of things. All I know for sure is I feel damp.

My mood is mine and I choose to allow it to affect me or not, and at the moment I am going with it, I am work, and really have not contact today with people, so I can deal with it, by the end of the day I will no longer allow me to feel damp, I will have to find a new feeling, but for now it’s damp.

Soggy was a close second to describe how I feel, but damp won out. What’s the difference you may ask, well I will tell you. A soggy feeling is a more penetrating feeling, takes longer to dry out, where as damp, although penetrating it is not as penetrating as soggy and the dry out time is quicker.  Don’t believe me, take two pieces of white bread, dampin on one and make the other soggy, walk away and wait…… The damp one will dry out before the soggy….

So that’s what I need, a little time to dry out, time to un-dampin myself before I do get soggy…


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