What’s on your reading list?

One of my favorite speakers is Mathew Kelly (Web Site), he is a Catholic speaker, a very dynamic speaker. His main point is becoming the best version of yourself, he believes that we all need to work at perfecting the gift of life. One way he tells us to do this is to read, he always states that we are what we read…. And I for one agree with this. Reading is the key for anyone who truly wants to change who and what they are and believe. So he is my current reading list:



Magazines and Newspapers

  • Townhall Magazine
  • The Wander Newspaper
  • Imprimis Newsletter
  • Envoy Magazine

As you can see, I like to read, and I like to mix my reading, although the above list is very heavy into politics, this is not always the case, other times it is heavy in religion, it just depends on my current state of mind.

Each and every book, magazine and newspaper helps to define me, helps me to clarify my worldview. I have and will continue to read both Conservative and Liberal sources. But I will admit I read more Conservative than Liberal. But I do like to sometimes see what the other side has to say. And I even learn something from them, from time to time.

If you are old enough you will remember this saying from TV ad’s that ran in the 1970:

Reading is Fundamental

So true, and Matthew Kelly has it right, you are what you read, so read read and read everything you can, but just make sure they are positive and uplifting. Reading negative or depressing books, magazines & Newspapers will only make you a negative and depressed person. This is why I read several books at one time (the above list is my active reading list… I am reading each one at this moment), it allows me to select the book that will best serve  my needs at this particular time. If I need a book to lift me up I will read The 7, if I am looking to deepen my faith life, I will choose from the Bible or Envoy Magazine. If I want general entertainment it’s the Bourne book.  With Lent upon us, I am sure I will be adding to my reading list, picking books designed to help me along my path and to deepen my faith.

Some books I have been reading for about a year, others I finish in a week or two. And at times I will dedicate myself to one book until it is complete. I allow my needs and moods dictate my reading habits.

God Bless


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