Our Lady of Guadalupe and a wedding

As part of my vacation in Mexico City (truth be told, I am here as best man in my friend’s wedding) I had the opportunity to visit a Holy place, Our Lady of Guadalupe, (link).

What an. Honor it was, but I was a little sad to find out that the week prior to my visit they had the body of St. Pope John Paul II on display. Now that would have been one powerful visit, but as it was, just me and my friends visiting the site was enough. And the ability to pray before the image and offer up my devotion was, well, over powering.

Other events over the past week and a half have included a visit to the pyramids (Aztec), trips to the city and lots and lots of time with dear friends over dinner and drinks. Soon, this Saturday, I will be wearing me Smoker (what they call a tux here in Mexico) as I stand shoulder to shoulder with my good and dear friend has he offers up his life to his wife. It will be an honor for me to witness this event. Than Sunday I am headed back to Michigan and back to reality. But such is life, I am just grateful for this opportunity to experience Mexico, and no I have not seen any drug Deals or murders or anything if the sort. Besides I am from Detroit, I can see that anytime I want with just a short 20 minute ride into the city.

God bless

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