Mr. Steve Jobs and the world

<Before I start my main point I want to take a moment to say this, I would like to offer my prayed and respect to the family and friends of Mr. Steve Jobs. In this time of need I hope the family and friends will find comfort in Gods loving hands. I would also like to ask everyone to offer up a prayer for the soul of Mr. Jobs.

Now to my main point…

Lt night and this morning as I read the news sites and my Facebook page I was overwhelmed with all the people greaving for Mr. Jobs, all the makeshift memorials piping up in front of Apple stores and all the people, young and old, offering their love and support.

On the face of it, it all sounds good, and it is, if…

If we can keep it all in focus. That seems to be the hard part, keeping it all in focus. Being a Beatles fan I understand connection some may have to Mr. Jobs. The loss of Lennon and Harrison were hard hits and tugged at the emotions of all fans. I understand the need to show support to the family and friends, as fans did in central park for Lennon. But there has to be an end in site and this is my concern.

Many Beatles fans see no end, the continue to mourn the death of John and George, year after year after year…. To the point of a sickness. Poor Elvis is still considered to be walking around with Jim Morrison and Michael Jackson. Let’s not do the same to Mr. Jobs.

Death is part of life, yes Mr. Jobs died young, yes we was an innovator of our times and yes he was the face and image of Apple, but Apple will continue, life will go on. Morn today, live tomorrow.

We have an almost unhealthy need to mourn, to show publicly our grief. We are what Mr. Jobs was creating, we are a networked society, one that feels the need to post every thought and feeling to the world. We feel a need to publicly display all our emotions, yet we cry for privacy. We have become a people’s who can claim true friendship with someone we have never truly talked to, we have only messages them, yet we a willing to fly cross-country or around the world to be with them. Yet we find it hard to talk to our kids face to face. We have created a whole new subculture the consist of chat rooms and social media sites like this one. A place were we can be bold and forth coming and sometimes down right mean, with the advent of cyber attacks on people we may not even know.

Mr. Jobs has helped to create a world were all this and more is possible, he helped create a world were I, an everyday person, can post my political and religious views for te whole world to read and comment on. He has helped to create a world were I can stay in contact with friends who have moved to new and exciting places. He has helped to creat a world were I can read the news or watch a move on the move, allowing me more time for other adventures. But he has also helped to create a world were the technology becomes more important to the person then people around them. They have become addicted to the ability to “multitask”.

I was out to dinner last night with my friends, here in Mexico, and they, all 4 of them are on their phones or laptops, and here I sat…. This happens at home also, my nieces will do the same, it is like a drug, they need to feel that connection. And the poor person sitting with them, well they are just a backdrop something necessary so you don’t look like a fool sitting in a restaurant by yourself.

We should be concerned with this,e this should cause us all to stop and thing. Do we really want to create a while generation that does not know how to and intimate one on one conversations with out the world knowing about it as it is tweeted and posted or blogged about the moment you say it. Do we really need the 24/7 connectedness that we feel is necessary for our daily lives?

I remember when a phone was just that, a phone… Now don’t get me wrong, I love technology, but I also love humans, direct contact, face to face….

Well, my God bless and keep the Jobs family and my Mr. jobs rest in peace and my he find eternal rest in the loving arms of God…

God bless


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