What can we do?

Ok, it has been some time for me since I last blogged, but there is a reason, I was out of the country, in Germany and now am in Mexico, so my mind has not been on blogging. But I thought I would give it a try using my iPad, I have never posted a blog from my iPad, so here it goes.

Currently I am reading ” Saving the Bill of Rights” by Frank Miniter, published by Regnery in 2011. This book is fascinating, it covers each of the ten rights in individual chapters. He uses real cases and people to demonstrate how the government, past and present, have eroded our rights. Rights that our Founding Fathers believed that all men are guaranteed, yet our Founding Fathers did not expect our leaders to systematically remove our rights,as they are doing now.

Well, in truth, they did for see this, that is why they created the bill of rights, and why so many of them spoke about the need of the people to police the government. So in some ways it is our own fault, the fault of the people be governed that we are losing our freedoms bit by bit. We, the people, have become lazy in our duty, we fail to educate ourselves and we fail to stand and fight for our freedoms.

The Tea Party is one answer to this lack of courage, but it is only a part of the solution. The rest of the solution lies in education. We must educate ourselves and our youth about America and what is means to be American. We must learn what the Founders thought and what they meant. When they wrote each and every word. It’s not hard, because the Founders, well most of them, kept very detailed notes and published volumes of articles, pamphlets and books. There words are still there for us to ad, for us to understand, and the best part, many of them are free to download.

With the 2012 election coming upon us, we now have an excuse to educate ourselves with out to must ridicule from our family and friends, you can just tell them you are researching who you want to vote for. You look for online groups, join discussions and even, if your lucky, form a local group of your own, maybe a book group that reads only about our Founders or better yet, read only the works of our Founders and not someone’s views of what they really meant to say. It is fascinating reading the word and thoughts of such great men. To hear, in there own voice, what they envisioned for America. You will be surprised, I know I was. Something’s went along with I believe and others did not. What I learned in school was not always the truth, and even better is what they, the schools, decided to skip over. The hidden history of America comes alive in the words and phrase of our Founders.

By reading books like Saving the Bill of Rights, I am getting a clearer picture of what some in our government truly think of us, the people they are suppose to serve. All it’s not always flattering… But we always knew that many in power think they are above the ones who voted them into power, this is nothing new.

God bless

2 thoughts on “What can we do?

  1. Well, Paul,
    I for one have studied our Constitution and I studied the workings of government. The answer to our dilemma is rather simple. We have to return to the basics and put people in political positions who are for the people and not themselves. There are a few good people in office and I think we can eliminate all the bad apples. It will take time but I think Herman Cain is a good beginning.

    He stands for all those principles conservatives find worthy. It has taken us more than sixty years of progressive, Marxist, Communistic power struggles within our government to get to the disastrous position we are currently facing. I suggest we can turn it all around with two elections. I also believe in America. The people of this great country are willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the country and their fellow citizen. I am not referring to those on welfare or food stamps — they are already lost to the system of handoutgovernment–the rest of us are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get this country back on track. The truth is we can eliminate the department of education and save over $400 billion a year. There are many programs that Obama is currently funding that could and should be eliminated. The right individual in office will do just that. Balancing our budget is a simple process of elimination.
    Dr. Tickles


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