How bad are Michigan roads? Hear for yourself

write a bill that is only;y for the roads, one that does not raise my taxes and one that is guaranteed road funding… and i will vote yes… Keep writing bills like prop 1, and I will keep voting no. Governor Rick Snyderplease use your accounting skills, or hire on outside auditor to review all of the State of Michigan’s finances and replace or remove any program that is not living up to its intended purpose. Remove any wasteful spending, review all offices for duplication of efforts, condense or close any office that is unneeded or wasteful. The people of this great state do not need to be taxed more, what we do need is a more transparent and responsive government. A government that does not spend more then they take in, and does not keep asking for more from it’s citizens. I am sure that there is money in the state budget that can be reallocated to the roads, I am sure that there are several state programs that can be eliminated to help achieve this. (For full disclosure, I voted for Governor Rick Snyder twice, and for the most part am pleased with what he has done for our state, but I feel he and the state legislators have dropped the ball on this one.)


I used to play a driving game with my kids when they were small. Whenever we found ourselves heading south on I-75 approaching the border with Ohio, I’d ask them to close their eyes and, judging only by the sound of the car as it drove on the road, tell me the instant we had left Michigan.

They never failed to guess correctly. Michigan’s roads have been so bad for so long, even a child can tell the difference.

The sad fact is that just 17% of our roads are rated in good condition. Next month Michigan voters will have a chance to change that by voting to approve Proposal 1.

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Construction starts on shipping container housing

When I was in Mexico I went to a bar made out of shipping containers, it was a very cool place. I like the idea of using them to create unique homes, dinning destinations or even hotels… The offer something new and can be built up quickly. I am excited about Detroit’s comeback!


Ask Leslie Horn where the model unit is for the long-awaited residential development her company is building — the one made entirely of recycled steel shipping containers — and she laughs.

“You can’t miss it,” says Horn, CEO of Three Squared Inc., a commercial, residential and mixed-use property development company.

She’s right. Construction started last week on a three-story model unit, Trumbull Squared, on the southwest corner of Trumbull and Pine, just north of Interstate 75. Made of nine old shipping containers, it’ll be used to sell units for the next two phases of Three Squared’s project — a 20-unit shipping container development in Midtown and another behind the model unit in Corktown.

Shipping container living is all about “sustainability and energy efficiency,” say Horn. “You’re living in a product that was made really fast and it’s extremely energy-efficient.”

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Mother reports 9-year-old missing, police say he was arrested – Fox 2 News Headlines

Sad story on so many levels…


DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) – A Detroit mother calls police, panicked when her 9-year-old son doesn’t return home.

It turns out he wasn’t exactly missing, he was actually under arrest accused of committing a home invasion.

Stephanie Horton was in a state of panic Wednesday night when her 9 -year-old son Kamian Strawder was missing. The third-grader had been expelled from Palmer Park Prep earlier in the week and he had nowhere to be but at their Detroit home on Appoline.

Horton left for work around 9 a.m. Wednesday and says Kemian left to play with his friends. He still wasn’t home, she reported him missing to police.

One day later police called her Thursday to say her son wasn’t missing, he’d been arrested.  Late Thursday afternoon Stephanie learned the prosecutor had dropped the case.

“About two hours ago is when I got the call,” Horton said. “They said they have him in the detention center had him since 1 p.m. yesterday.”

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10 Historic Detroiters You Should Know

I just love my city… Detroit has a rich history, not only for Michigan, but for all of the United States…


The history of Detroit is complex and colorful, including people from different classes, nationalities, and races. You’ve probably heard names like Ford and Cadillac, but there are many more who make up the fabric of our past. Many of the people who influenced the city were born in other places, but they all shared one common trait: the desire to enhance Detroit, the city they chose to call home.

Whether they lived in the 1700s and helped the city flourish after its founding, or whether they strove to create equality in the 1900s, these Detroiters have left the city a lasting legacy.

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Last Week These Kids Had A Pile Of Broken Bikes, And Now They’ve Got Freedom

o-DETROIT-KID-BIKES-570It took Jean Wilson just four hours, a dozen helpers, $6, a few Facebook posts and one idea to make a big difference for a group of Detroit kids.

Wilson, a local artist and self-described “tinkerer,” is in the process of buying a building in Detroit’s Core City neighborhood to use as a studio and a workspace, which she envisions neighborhood kids using. The shop isn’t ready yet, but Wilson and a group of volunteers spent Saturday afternoon near the building, fixing up bikes for more than a dozen kids who live nearby.

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A First: Tigers to Host LGBT Pride Night at Comerica Park  – Deadline Detroit

So, what night will the Straight Pride Night be?


The Detroit Tigers have come a long way.

Tony Paul of the Detroit News reports that the club will host an LGBT Pride Night at Comerica Park, the first time in the club’s history.

The Pride Night will be Wednesday, June 3, at a game against the Oakland A’s.

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Report shows pattern of child abuse by mother of children found – Fox 2 News Headlines

Hard to read…. Very hard…


A child protective services petition to the state of Michigan details a pattern abuse Mitchelle Blair’s children endured.

The petition to the court requests termination of parental rights of Blair as well as fathers Alexander Dorsey and Steven Berry.

Blair, a 35-year-old mother of four, was charged with five counts of child abuse in district court Thursday and has confessed to killing her 13-year-old daughter Stoni Blair and 9-year-old son, Stephen Berry.

The two surviving children, a girl and a boy, are staying with their great aunt.

EDITORS NOTE: The report features disturbing and graphic details

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