Greece Officially in Default; Misses $1.7 IMF Payment – The Pappas Post

Proof that welfare does not work. Greece was a true welfare/socialistic state, giving every conceivable benefit to its citizens, and when they finally figured out that they had not money to continue to do this, they did what any good welfare state would do, they asked for welfare from the world… And they got it… Shockingly (NOT!) they could not repay the “loan”…

Detroit, my home town, is another perfect example of this…. And soon, the United States will become a Greece, a welfare state seeking global welfare…


At 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Greece failed to make a $1.7 billion dollar payment to the IMF, placing the country officially in default.
The default, which Greece had warned would happen, is the first by an advanced economy in the fund’s seven-decade history, as well as the largest single overdue payment.

The default has put the new Athens government on a par with a small group of mostly conflict-ravaged debtors that have stiffed the IMF—a short list that includes Afghanistan’s Taliban and coup-stricken Haiti. Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe was the last major default to the emergency lender, in 2001.


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Detroit mom in freezer bodies case pleads guilty

So Sad and sick


Detroit — A mother accused of killing two of her children and stuffing their bodies in a freezer pleaded guilty to their slayings in court Monday, detailing the gruesome details of their deaths.

Mitchelle Blair’s appearance in court Monday came after 36th District Judge Dana Hathaway adjourned a hearing Friday so she and lawyers for both sides could review results of an independent examination meant to determine if Blair was fit to stand trial. Blair, 36, was ultimately found competent and could be found criminally responsible in the case on Monday, Hathaway said.

Blair then pleaded guilty to premeditated murder and felony murder in her children’s deaths Monday. She had been charged with two counts of felony murder, two counts of premeditated murder and one count of torture. Hathaway accepted the plea after hearing the details of the children’s deaths.

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Monica Conyers Isn’t Lovin’ McDonald’s: She’s Suing  – Deadline Detroit

This is why America is such a mess…. Really, lost full use of her hand… Put a bandage on it and get on with life. Grow up! Put on the big girl pants! Deal with it…. Thank God she is not on Detroit city council any more….


Monica Conyers, the former Detroit City Council member and wife of Rep. John Conyers, is back in the news.

This times she’s suing McDonald’s. No, it’s not because her fries weren’t hot enough or her coffee was too hot or they forgot to put the special sauce on a Big Mac.

Joel Kurth of the Detroit News reports she’s suing the fast food giant for $25,000 because on New Year’s Day she says she cut her finger on a chair at the outlet at Metro Airport. She was en route to D.C. to attend her husband’s swearing-in ceremony in Congress.

“Plaintiff sat down to eat at a table inside McDonald’s, and grabbed the side of the chair to adjust her seat and pull her chair under the table,” according to a suit filed Thursday in Wayne County Circuit Court, the News reported.

“While pulling herself under the table, Plaintiff felt a sharp pain in the ring finger of her right hand, screamed in pain and jumped out of the seat.”

The suit alleges that she’s lost full use of her hand.

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Mom accused in kids deaths: I’m already saying I did it

WOW…. Never hear of that happening before…


Blair attended a competency hearing and preliminary examination Friday in the case. She was found competent to stand trial and waived her preliminary examination. Her next court date is June 26.

Blair also has a custody case brought against her by the state of Michigan regarding possible termination of her parental rights. She and fathers Alexander Dorsey and Steven Berry of her other children will find out June 30 from Wayne County Judge Edward Joseph if they have lost the rights over an 8-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl. The three have attended several days of hearings at the Wayne County juvenile court in the matter of the surviving children.

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Gardner-White donates new bedroom furniture to home for abused & neglected children –

Always good to hear stories like this… God bless them all…


DETROIT (WXYZ) – Gardner-White donated 30 new dressers and chests to boys who live at Christ Child House in Detroit, a place for abused and neglected children.

The boys there are ages 8-17 and have become legal wards of the State of Michigan. This means parental rights for their parents have been terminated and foster homes did not work out for them.

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Pretending It’s All Good In Detroit

So, Al Sharpton’s group is protesting in Detroit, out in public, yet they don’t want it recorded and don’t want to be asked questions… I’m confused, I thought the idea of a public protest was to get attention? Hmmmm, maybe, just maybe, Al don’t want people to know what is really going on…. Very odd, yes, odd indeed!


The racial divide in Detroit is a big topic of conversation lately. Whether it’s gentrification of downtown and midtown, access to water, diversity in the workplace, new vs. old Detroit, or incidents like the beating of Steven Utash, the conversation has cropped up in a lot of different ways as Detroit tries to rebound economically.

But what does the situation look like on the ground? That’s something we’re very interested in as a publication.

At about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday we got word that Al Sharpton’s National Action Network would be at a protest in front of the Atwater Brewery at 5:30 p.m. The protest was related to an eviction dispute involving the owner of the Tangerine Room Supper Club, Darnell Small, and owner of the building and Atwater Brewery, Mark Reith.

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Bloomfield Hills opts out of SMART

OK, the the Detroit Free Press is a liberal newspaper, and they love socialistic government payed (off the back of taxpayers) schemes, but it’s one of only 2 Detroit news papers, so I read it (online only, I will not pay for it). That said…

Here is my point, I do not  like the fact that we, the taxpayers, subsidies masstransit, any kind of masstransit. It should be all privatized, let people who know how to make money do just that, start up a transit system, charge riders, make money. Trust me, they will figure out how to do so. Why should I give ,well not even give, have my hard earned money taken from to support a system that is not even breaking even?

A perfect example, the M1 rail is a private company, if it fails to make money, they will either find more people to donate to keep it running, up the fee to ride or shut it down. No tax dollars will be used to support it. I don’t live in Detroit, why should I pay for it? I don’t ride SMART, why should I pay for it? I don’t ride Amtrak, why should I pay for it? Sell of the naming rights, let corporations that in the transit business (Delta airlines, Greyhound, Big Bus) run them, let them figure out how to make money.

Do I feel bad for the Detroiters and elderly who do not drive, yet need a way to get to work or the mall… Sure. But, if the government stopped subsidizing SMART, then we wouldn’t need a SMART Tax (millage) and our tax bill would be less, and they would have more money…

Show me one thing, just one, that the government runs that even breakeven or is even efficient… you can’t, because it don’t exist.

B9317700336Z.1_20150611201237_000_G5KB27PJ7.1-0Let’s face it: Wealthy people aren’t taking the bus.

And they’re probably not interested in paying for others to ride one.

That message came across in Bloomfield Hills, where the city commission voted 3-2 Tuesday against joining SMART. Opting into the southeast Michigan regional transportation system would cost the city about $750,000 a year, but a majority of commissioners felt taxpayers wouldn’t be getting enough bang for their buck.

“Over 50 communities have opted out of SMART, including Novi, Northville, Livonia, Rochester and Plymouth, and, of course, the City of Bloomfield Hills,” Commissioner Sarah McClure said at the meeting. “And it’s mainly been a financial reason — it hasn’t been that these communities are necessarily against mass transit. In some cases, they found it made more sense to provide their own transportation.”

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