Snyder – From the Huffington Post: “Detroit Hustles Harder: The All-American Comeback City”

I always love to tell people about my City…


Detroit’s comeback is grabbing the nation’s attention, including this blog at the Huffington Post: “Detroit Hustles Harder: the All-American Comeback City” by Shannah L. Compton and co-authored by Jeff Game.

There is a city in the middle of America that is fast becoming a hipster haven full of artists, young entrepreneurs, and a rapidly rising restaurant scene – and we are not talking about the Windy City. Detroit is on the comeback trail, and travelers around the world will be taking notice.

Mercy Mercy Me
Once the classic Americana city, Detroit was the industrial manufacturing mecca for decades around the world. The bottom finally dropped out in 2013 when Detroit became the largest American municipality to declare bankruptcy.

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DETROIT: Man shot ‘over bag of potato chips’ | The American Mirror

What the hell is going on in this world? Killing over CHIPS! really! Life has no value, the culture of death is upon us… Yep, this does relate back to the whole abortion issue, once you make life disposable, what value does it have? None! So now its death of chips… I hope the killer enjoyed them, and I hope they where something worth it, like Better Made, and not no name chips…
God help us all….


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Worthy Clears ICE Agent, Saying Black Lives Matter, But So Do ‘Credible Facts’  – Deadline Detroit

Facts Matter…..


Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy on Wednesday morning presented a mountain of evidence to defend the actions of ICE agent Mitchell Quinn who fatally shot Terrance Kellom, 20, in late April.

Worthy, using a power point with photos and schematics of the house, went step by step through the investigation at a press conference, as if she were delivering a closing argument in a case, and said that the shooting was justified and no criminal charges would be filed against Quinn. Her presentation included lab results.

She said the lengthy investigation conducted by the Michigan State Police-Detroit Police Department homicide task force backed up Quinn’s version of what happened: That Kellom came at him with a claw hammer and wouldn’t retreat even after being warned to back down and being shot once. He was shot a total of four times.

She also indicated that the investigation showed that Kellom’s father lied to investigators and gave conflicting versions of the unfolding events.

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Tigers’ Cabrera trades baseball for ‘Fire Ausmus’ sign

Class act


Chicago — Miguel Cabrera is well-known for being a loyal teammate as well as interacting with fans.

Both traits were on display late in the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, 10-8 Tigers’ victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Walking toward the dugout in between late innings, Cabrera spotted a young Tigers fan quietly holding a “Fire Ausmus” sign right beyond Detroit’s first-base dugout, and offered to buy the sign.

He bought it with a baseball.

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Random Musings of A Teenage Girl: A Letter To Detroit From A National Youth Gathering Participant

Because I am a Detroit, and am proud to say it. I may no longer live in the city, infact I have live out of the city longerthen I lived in it, but I am Detroit….

images (2)Dear Detroit,
My name is Cassie and I’m from a small town in North Carolina, where our largest building is Wal-Mart. I have always wanted to experience life in a big city, and you did not disappoint, but rather exceeded my expectations. You see, I was expecting a city filled with broken dreams and shattered glass, a city devoid of life and hope. I expected a scene of desolation against the backdrop of a dead city.

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45 years in prison for fraudulent cancer doctor – Fox 2 News Headlines

Should have been life ….


The local doctor who put hundreds of people through unnecessary cancer treatments to collect insurance money has been given a 45-year prison term.

Dr. Farid Fata’s unusual sentencing was a five-day process.

U.S. District Judge Paul Borman heard from experts who criticized how Fata treated patients. He’s also heard distressful stories from about two dozen patients. Witnesses were also called to rebut some of the unflattering testimony about Fata.

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Greece Officially in Default; Misses $1.7 IMF Payment – The Pappas Post

Proof that welfare does not work. Greece was a true welfare/socialistic state, giving every conceivable benefit to its citizens, and when they finally figured out that they had not money to continue to do this, they did what any good welfare state would do, they asked for welfare from the world… And they got it… Shockingly (NOT!) they could not repay the “loan”…

Detroit, my home town, is another perfect example of this…. And soon, the United States will become a Greece, a welfare state seeking global welfare…


At 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Greece failed to make a $1.7 billion dollar payment to the IMF, placing the country officially in default.
The default, which Greece had warned would happen, is the first by an advanced economy in the fund’s seven-decade history, as well as the largest single overdue payment.

The default has put the new Athens government on a par with a small group of mostly conflict-ravaged debtors that have stiffed the IMF—a short list that includes Afghanistan’s Taliban and coup-stricken Haiti. Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe was the last major default to the emergency lender, in 2001.


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