Lazy complacency

I have not posted in sometime, not because I have not had a Lot to say, for I always have a lot to say. It’s not because I have not had the time, for time is always available. So why than the delay, what excuse can I offer…. None really except laziness, the sin of complacency, a sin we all share.

As we can see with our current state of affairs in the United States and Michigan. Our complacency has created the current state we are living in. Complacency has created the culture of death and propagates the lies that the media is stating as fact. It is complacency that feeds the. Fire of the Tea Party, they having awaken from their slumber, and are now fighting the walking dead of the political class.

But none of that now, this post is about my being lazy and not posting.

It is not only in posting that have been complacent about, but my faith, reading, yard work, well life in general…

But the other day I seemed to have woken up, and I have done the yard work, read a few books and newspapers and now I am posting my blog… But the over riding question is why was I lazy… What made me so, what caused the complacency in the first part. I’m not sure, all I know is I was, and now imnot (well not as much).

I think part of the problem was that I truly had lots going on. I have talk I was working on, The 7 Priorities, than I gave the talk, I was working on a new training materiol, and delivered the class, several times. I am preparing to travel to Koln and Mexico city and just returned from indeianpolis where I gave my talk, The 7 Priorities. Add to that just everyday this and that, and finding the time to blog, well it was a litle hard. But most of all it was just being lazy…

Like Bing Crosby sang in Holiday Inn, Lazy, being Lazy… That was me. And sometimes I just like to be lazy…

Well that’s it for now

God Bless

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