Welfare Users LIVID When They See THIS Grocery Store’s Embarrassing Demand…


Not sure if this is the right way to go about it… But I for one am tired of people abusing the system. To me, welfare should only be accepted in grocery stores, and only for basic items, meat, milk, grains, veggies and fruits.. Not lobsters and chips, pop or any junk food…. And all items should be the store brands, or least expensive options. It may sound cruel, but hey, if I can’t afford lobster for a family then why should my tax dollars be used to purchase it for others. Welfare is suppose to be an hand up, not a lifestyle…


can imagine the howls.  Wawa is “shaming the poor.”

The comedian [Jay McGuire], who operates on social media under the moniker “The Philly Offensive,” put the signs up on his own accord for his and everyone else’s entertainment. He’s in no way associated with Wawa, but he used their stores without their knowledge to see how welfare users and sympathizers would react to the truth.

As of this writing, over 4,000 people shared his photo post of the awesome sign, proving that those who work to pay the bills are fed up with freeloaders who don’t work. But according to a writer at The Frisky, McGuire and anyone else who thought this was funny are incredibly misinformed and callous.

Hello! Count me among the callous.

2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,800 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Bloggers Block…

Sometimes the hardest part about writing a blog, or anything for that matter, is just getting started. Today is one of  those days. I did what I normally would do, I read the news, looked at other blogs and quotes. But nothing jumped out at me. Sometimes the ideas come easy and just flow out of me, and other times I start the blog 3 or 4 times, and end up just walking away from for a day or 2, sometimes even longer.  But today I can feel that I have something in me that wants to come out, but I just don’t know what it is yet. So I will wait, I will just sit and wait…

Did more research, and yet nothing.. But I know it’s there, I can feel it….

I keep telling myself that I need to write my ideas, so when things like this happen, I always have a back up.. But I never do it. Most of the time my ideas come to me when I am reading, and I am not one for marking up my books or keeping a note pad by me. But I really should, maybe not mark them up, but use sticky notes or something. With all the different books I read at one time, it is often times hard to remember where I read what.

I think one of the hardest parts of blogging for me is the research part, I’m not really all that  into researching. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t do a lot of articles that are based in research, but more that are just my thoughts and feelings. Every-now-and-then I will do some researched based articles, but its hard for me.

One of the projects I am working on is going to force me to do research, and make me organize all my information. This also is a week spot for me. I’m not a very organized person, but if I want to do this project, and I do, than I will have to learn to research and organize my information.  So maybe that will also help me with my blogs… Maybe I will learn some tricks  and tips along the way.

With my new iPad (I won it!) maybe I will become more organized, I am trying but just have not found the tools (apps) I like yet or just don’t know what apps I need.  The one tool I do like to use on the PC is OneNote by Microsoft, but I have not found a iPad app for this yet. But even my OneNote is not truly organized, it’s a bit of a mess…

I just saw a video about a new app for WordPress to help with organization, I think I will look into it, see if it helps. But in truth the only thing that will help is me writing down my ideas, someplace, writing post ahead of time and doing the research needed. So maybe what I need to do is this:

  • Create an editorial schedule weeks in advance
  • Research and document sources
  • Set up a publication timeline
  • Organize my thoughts
  • Keep to it!

I think that’s the plan, and that’s the direction I want to go. I also should decide on the topics that are  discussed on this blog:

  • Faith & Reason
  • Politics
  • Catholic Teachings
  • Founding Fathers
  • Saints
  • Self Help

So should I stick to this.. Call it good and work from there, maybe a set rotating schedule?

Monday:  Faith and reason

Tuesday: Founding Fathers

Or just leave it as a what I finish and what is ready? This I think will be more the case than not. But I should try to give a little of each every week or so, or do I not concern myself with that.. Maybe I should only post once per week, or should it be more… .In the past, when I started blogging I posted daily, sometimes more that once per day, I must have had lots to say. Now its hard sometimes to post once a week… Maybe it’s because I am trying to do a better job, make my post mean more, feel more and be more… Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself because I am getting lazy… Not sure….

Well, time will tell… Talk to you all soon

God Bless


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The 20 things that bug me

Just a few things that bug me:BugsLifeWallpaper1024

  1. When your in a store and the person in front of you is on there phone and checking out. They always take longer, because they are more concerned about there phone call than checking out. Really, you mean to tell me the call cant wait 5 minuets why you are checking out, and it never fails that they talk load….
  2. When you open the door for someone and they don’t say thank you, come on, it takes 2 seconds to be nice and say thank you. I have been in the habit of saying it for them. And the funny thing is, they give me the funny look, like I’m the rude one.
  3. When your at a red light and the person in front of you decides that’s a great time to look for some long lost item in there car. You mean to tell me that could not wait until you got home and parked in your own driveway… Really…
  4. People who walk there dogs and allow there dogs to do there business on your law, and don’t pick it up. You see them looking around to make sure no one is looking. As far as I know your dogs crap in not my responsibility.
  5. When you are having a debate or discussion with some who disagrees with you, and when you start to win the debate, they resort to name calling. Come on, grow up!
  6. SPAM messages to your blog say how great your blog is, in bad English.
  7. When I am Holy Mass and the person next to me decides that having a conversation about some thing or other is a good idea, and when you give them the “look” they act as if you are disrupting them.
  8. Parents who allow there kids to run around stores and restaurants as if it is there personal play ground.
  9. Parents that cuss at there children, really, that’s the best you can do. No other word would have worked? Give me a break.
  10. When you hear about a gang member being shot and killed, and the parent/relative/friend say “They were a good boy, they never did anything wrong”. I guess being in a gang don’t count.
  11. Make-shift memorials at crash sites along the road site. I understand the need to express your sadness and remorse, I even understand the need to somehow mark the event. But it seems that every time anyone gets a hangnail a make-shift roadside memorial pops up.
  12. The need for people to want to be part of everyone else’s tragedy.  When a teen dies in a school it seems that teen must have been the most popular kid ever. Every student seems to post RIP on there Facebook, but if you ask them if they were good friends, the response 9 times out of 10 is, I didn’t know them. Than why are you posting RIP, for the attention? to feel part of it all? Because its what everyone else is doing?
  13. Store clerks who talk on there cell phones or to other workers why they are waiting on you. I am not really all that interested in your weekend plans or who did who…
  14. People who move to this country than bash it… Move back home if America is that bad…
  15. Liberals who praise Cuba or other such countries. Praising there health care or governments, yet ignoring the fact they killed millions of there own people and the people live under fear and oppression.
  16. Sales people who wont leave you alone. I know they work on commission, but don’t they understand that you get more flies with honey than vinegar. If and when I need help, I will ask.
  17. People who voted for Obama, just to be part of history. Really, that’s how you decide who is going to lead the free world, based on the fact that it will make history.
  18. The attitude “I am owed” this or that. We see it in our teens and young adults all the time. There first job they expect to make $100,000.00 and when they find out they are making only $1500.00 they get a little indigent.
  19. School teachers who blindly teach a perverted version of American history.
  20. Unions…. Just because they exist

Well there you have it, the 20 things that bug me….

God Bless


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Lazy complacency

I have not posted in sometime, not because I have not had a Lot to say, for I always have a lot to say. It’s not because I have not had the time, for time is always available. So why than the delay, what excuse can I offer…. None really except laziness, the sin of complacency, a sin we all share.

As we can see with our current state of affairs in the United States and Michigan. Our complacency has created the current state we are living in. Complacency has created the culture of death and propagates the lies that the media is stating as fact. It is complacency that feeds the. Fire of the Tea Party, they having awaken from their slumber, and are now fighting the walking dead of the political class.

But none of that now, this post is about my being lazy and not posting.

It is not only in posting that have been complacent about, but my faith, reading, yard work, well life in general…

But the other day I seemed to have woken up, and I have done the yard work, read a few books and newspapers and now I am posting my blog… But the over riding question is why was I lazy… What made me so, what caused the complacency in the first part. I’m not sure, all I know is I was, and now imnot (well not as much).

I think part of the problem was that I truly had lots going on. I have talk I was working on, The 7 Priorities, than I gave the talk, I was working on a new training materiol, and delivered the class, several times. I am preparing to travel to Koln and Mexico city and just returned from indeianpolis where I gave my talk, The 7 Priorities. Add to that just everyday this and that, and finding the time to blog, well it was a litle hard. But most of all it was just being lazy…

Like Bing Crosby sang in Holiday Inn, Lazy, being Lazy… That was me. And sometimes I just like to be lazy…

Well that’s it for now

God Bless

Kid-Free Zones…

baby_yell_070713_mnA few weeks ago I read an article about a restaurant that has a no kid policy. I read the article, and have to say, I agree, the owner of the restaurant has the right to banning children under the age of 6. But I never thought of it again, that is until today…


Today I read a new article (Read this) about this trend of banning kids from restaurants, hotels, airplanes and other such places. And It made me think once again about what I think of this practice… And I still have to say, I like it, I think it’s a good idea for a few reasons:

  • Parents that believe that allowing there brats to run around is a good idea
  • Some places are just adult only
  • Sometimes its nice to be kid free, no crying and yelling and pouting

Brat free zones can be a good thing. It would be nice knowing that if I choose to spend lots of money on a nice dinner out I won’t have to worry about an out of control brat. Or if I am in a first class seat on my way to Paris, I won’t be disturbed with a screaming baby. Or I want to watch a movie, but really don’t want all the brats talking and screaming.

Choice is a good idea, and if I choose between brat free zones or Kid friendly zones, to me that’s a good thing. To tell the truth, kids don’t bother me, for the most part. But every now and than, and I must say it seems to me that it happens more often now, it seems kids are allowed to get out of control, and the parent just sits there or stands by doing nothing. So maybe we need s a no stupid parents zone, maybe that’s more of the issue than the brats themselves.


God Bless


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