The new me, yet again. But this time I mean it!

Over the weekend I made some changes to my life, I decided not to be lazy, as I have been the past month or so. I decided to set up tasks and priorities fro myself. Now you may be thinking, you should already have them, you write about this stuff. That I do, and I have had goals and tasks before, but was not always good about keeping them. Not sure I will be this time, but I feel that I am in a different place than before. I feel that I am in a new place, one that I have never been. Not sure why or what happened, just like I don’t know what made me become lazy, it just happened.

At a conference I recently attended, to learn and give a talk, I won an iPAD, and now this is my tool I am using to keep me on track. Maybe this will help me stick to it. Only time will tell. But life sure seems different today than it did Friday. Something changed….

My Goal, to write one post per day, be it large or small, even if it’s just posting a link and a short comment on an interesting news item or article I found. I will be starting some research for a book I intend to write, and I will post some of that also, and be asking for input and help when needed. The book will be based on the recent talk I gave, The 7 Priorities, so look forward to that. If you look at some of my old postings you will find some of the information I gathered for the talk. The book will take on a new life and be written from a Catholic perspective. The talk was secular in nature due to the fact that it was given at a corporate event.

Well anyway, that’s the plan, and I am asking you to keep me on track, email me at to ask about my progress or to give me little notes of encouragement, or to send along your prayers and thoughts for me. God knows I need them. Part of this new me is getting up at 5am to spend 1 hour in the morning praying, reading and stretching. 5am is early, but based on all I have read over the years, the saints and other great people have awoken early to spend time with God. And the one thing I do believe in is that we should try to model out actions after people we admire. So 5am it is…. God willing I won’t find out that Fr. Solanus Casey woke at 3am… God help me than…

God Bless



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