This cartoon is for all the liberals that say we should “COEXIST” with ISIS – Young Conservatives

Hatred for some is part of their DNA, but for most it is a learned behavior, one that is nurtured in a sick petri dish of some sick individuals who see no value in the human creation. Using God as their reason and justification for their sick and demented views of the world.

I am a christian, a Roman Catholic Christian, and I do believe in my faith’s teaching that we, the members of the Catholic faith, are members of the one true faith. I do not hold back in stating ore teaching my faith, but I do not kill others who refuse to see the truth, nor do I force others to join the One True Faith. The whole idea of ISIS is Control, Torture and Murder, this is not a faith, but a gang hiding under the flag of a faith.

The liberal mindset of coexist is immature at best, one cannot, and should not, coexist with murderers and thugs. ISIS and radical Islam is a cancer upon this earth, and like all cancer, we, the human race, need to eliminate the disease from our earth. If we do not, ISIS, like any other cancer, will consume us, and kill us. Radical Islam has no place in the Body,we can no longer pretend that a few kind words and nice slogans will heal us, the placebo of COEXIST has proven to be just that, nothing more than a sugar pill disguised and a cure.


There is no coexisting with ISIS, no matter how bad liberals want there to be.

These terrorists are training little boys to behead people with American looking dolls. This is pure evil.

via This cartoon is for all the liberals that say we should “COEXIST” with ISIS – Young Conservatives.

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