Why Are U.S. Schools Mediocre? Ask the Kids | Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D. | Living Resources Center

I have always stated, sports should not be part of school, PE, yes, sports no. Allow the communities to provide sports. The UK works this way, hell, most of the world works this way. Only in America do we place football (american football) over education.

I am a big anti homework and testing person. Both, Homework and over testing do nothing to promote education. Both are waste of time and resources…

Education is not memorization, knowing dates of events is only good for trivia games, understanding and critical thinking about the event, now that is education!


This is not news: America does pretty badly when it goes up against other countries academically.
This is true even if we take it one state at a time—no single state, no matter how wealthy or small, matches the top scoring countries. And yet, the U.S. spends more per student than many other countries in the world.
Reporter Amanda Ripley wanted to figure out why U.S. education outcomes are so mediocre.
Ripley reasoned that kids spend more time in school than anyone. They’ve got strong opinions about school. They have opinions on what is working.
She talked to the only students who could have firsthand knowledge of the differences between schools in top-performing countries and those in the U.S.: American kids who were exchange students in those countries.
She surveyed hundreds of exchange students and found three major points that they all agreed on.
The students all said that in their host countries:

via Why Are U.S. Schools Mediocre? Ask the Kids | Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D. | Living Resources Center.

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