November 2, 2010, a day that will go down in history

Robert R. Livingston

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The election is one week away, are you ready for it? Have you decided who to vote for what stance to take on what proposition? Have you done your research, looked into each issue and candidate?

Most likely not, most Americans put more time and effort into picking there weekend football squares than they do who to vote for, if they even take the time to vote at all!

How sad!

This November 2nd is the start of the silent revolution, a revolution that will last 2 years, until 2012 and the take over the presidency, returning America back into the capable hands of the American people, and not the statist government currently running the show. Are you ready to fight, to fight with your vote? You have one week left to educate yourselves, to get off your duff and vote. Can you do it? will you do it?

Your country needs you, your fellow American needs you, your kids and grandkids need you….

November 2, 2010, a day that will go down in history, either as a day we accepted the socialistic way of life, or a day we reclaimed our country, our constitution and our government, you decide….

God Bless


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