The hypocrisy is mind boggling

I read a very interesting article in Catholic Men’s Quarterly, it was basically an op-end piece, but it struck a cord with me. The author was talking about how we are becoming more a a nanny state in this country, but only on certain things. His example was smoking. We have outlawed the smoking in most public places, the government has decided for you that you should not smoke. Now his stance and mine are the same, we both agree that smoking is bad for you, but we both also agree that is a personal choice, and our freedom to choose to or not to smoke should be left up to us.

Some will argue that it is bad for the overall health of the nation, and that our choice to smoke is also affecting them. That may or may not be true, as of late i have hear reports that the whole second hand smoke thing was blown (no pun intended) way out of proportion, but that is for another blog. The argument is semi valid, and I say semi because we do tons of other things that affect other people also, me, i would argue that everything we do affects others. But for the government to dictate what I can and can not do as an adult, concerning smoking, is silly.

The author went on to argue that the government has decided that the health of my lungs is better left up to them, but the health of my liver (drinking) is left up to me, or the health of a young girls reproduction system is up the the young, underage girl. The nanny state government has decided that a 12 or 13 year old girl will know what is best for her, but an adult who chooses to smoke does not. The “system” has decided that at 18 a young man can die for his country but cannot choose to have a beer. They have made it ok for an older man to seduce an 18 year old girl, but if he gives her a drink he is contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

It is mind boggling how our government think, or is some cases does not think. The sad part is that the nanny state is set to grow under the new Obama administration. President Obama is hell bent on having the government decide what is best for us as individuals but at the same time he is expanding “individual freedom of choice”. The Obama presidency has signed in to law a bill that will expand the coverage for uninsured youth, this in itself is ok, but what was not stated was this bill also included provisions that will allow under age teen girl the ability to get an abortion with out parental notification. This same girl can get arrested for choosing to have a drink and a smoke after having sex, in fact she can be arrested for having sex, but it is perfectly legal, and encouraged that this same young girl seek out an abortion, with out any caring adult being notified. Where is the nanny state now, how is the government protecting our youth they seem so concerned about just a few seconds ago?

The hypocrisy is mind boggling, I can not even begin to wrap my mind around it. For a nation that is so advanced and sees itself as a light on a hill, shinning for all the world to see, we truly have a lot to learn. We pride ourselves on be enlightened, yet we fail to protect the youngest among us, we consider ourselves to be advanced, yet we fail to see our own faults. The liberal mind set has failed to see its own demise, there ability to overlook there own hypocrisy is staggering. They create laws to protect us, yet fail to see the harm they cause, they mandate thought processes in the name of inclusiveness and freedom for all, yet fail to see the totalitarianism of it all. The blind eye of the government is an amazing thing, she claims to see all, yet in truth sees none. In the name of liberty she has striped our freedoms, our freedom to smoke or not to smoke, our freedom to raise our children under our moral guidance, our freedom to practice our faith with out fear of persecution. Now at this time you may be asking what persecution?

Well how about the persecution of a parent whose religious beliefs teaches that abortion is wrong, that the taking of a life, no mater how small, is murder. Under the current law any young girl can seek an abortion with out parental consent, yet they need a parent to get a tattoo. To me this is religious persecution

We have allowed the United States Government the ability to raise our children, we have allowed them the power to dictate what is socially acceptable and what is not, we have turned over our responsibility to a governing body that does not have our interest in mind, but rather the interest of the special interest groups that greased there palms with  money and other gifts for favors returned. We have advocated your lives to political system, and it is time we took them back.

The government has over stepped there bounds, they have crossed over to socialistic thinking. We are headed towards a very slippery slop, one that promises to be very scary at best.

On they way in to work this morning I heard a news report stating that more hand guns have been sold than ever before, think about that for a second. More Americans are purchasing hand guns for protection. The question is, protection from whom?

The author of the article I read gave one more example of the hypocrisy of our government. New York city is a smoke free city, meaning that you can not smoke in public places, bars, privet clubs, parks etc.. There is a tradition in one such privet club where all the pipe smokers come together for an evening of pipe smoking. The club went to the state supreme courts to get a ruling that would allow them to have the tradition. the courts, in there ultimate wisdom, ruled that they privet club was not protected by the constitution, and could not carry on this old and beloved tradition. The same courts who also ruled that it is constitutional for a person to kill a baby or for a under aged girl to get an abortion. The hypocrisy is stunning and never stops amazing me. But what concerns me is not the 9 members of the bench, but millions of everyday citizens that allow this, and encourage it.

We, as Catholics, need to unite our voices, and defend the individuals freedoms, we need to fight for the right for a parent to raise there child, we need to take back our personal responsibilities from the government, and once again be masters of our own lives.

I pray that the American people will once again want to take control of there lives, to remove the power from the government and to place it back where it belongs, in the hands of the people.


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