Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

How true is that, we all must start out as amateurs, beginners and apprentices. But some do not think this is the way it should be, for some reason they feel that they should achieve greatness with little to no effort. I see it all the time in my job. Young hot shots out of school wanting top dollar for what they consider there greatness, I see it in all walks of life, people wanting greatness with out the effort, as if they are above all that.

Not sure where it came from, or how we as a nation have arrived at this point but it permeates our lives, we see it in all we do. The youth of this nation expect it, and are shocked when they are not perceived as great. We are a nation of “give me” we expect that it will be provided, with no effort from me needed. We see this also in our government, a government that is willing to provide rather than making us work for it. It has even seeped in to your churches, we now have people in religions that assumes there salvation with no effort on there part (see my blog on for more about this topic).

We find it easier to blame others for our failures than to take responsibility, we choose to burden ourselves in the name of others so we can be martyrs for the cause. Yet we fail to work towards our greatness, we choose to allow others to define it for us, to package it and hand it to us with a bow on top.  We are unwilling to work at our goals, and we criticize those that do.

We have fallen in to a trap that tells us hard work is for others, that we must not be bothered with it. That the success of others is something we must envy but never under any circumstances should we strive to achieve the same, rather it should be taken from them and given to us, because we deserve it.

This has to change, we must get back to the basics of working your way up a ladder. Nothing is automatic and nothing should ever be expected because you deserve it. Everything should be worked for, and set backs should be expected and welcomed. We have become a nation of entitlements, we assume we are owed our greatness just because we are who we are.

Our greatness will not be given to us, but rather it is something that we must work at, something that we must create, the artist is not great because others tell them so, they are great because they persevered through the hell of becoming an artist. We will be great when we are willing to walk through hell to achieve the goal we set out for ourselves.

Changing yourself is a goal towards greatness, weather it is changing one aspect of your life or redefining yourself, each will require that you do the work yourself, that you wall through the hell on your own. The hell you endure will be the hell you create. Each of us are responsible for our own destiny, we choose the path we wish to walk, we create our own heaven or hell here on earth, its all in the way we choose to deal with it.

Me, I choose to see more heaven than hell, me I choose to create my own greatness rather than expecting others to give it to me. It is my choice, and it is yours.


One thought on “Greatness

  1. My father & mother, both depression babies and World War II veterans, taught me well to have a strong work ethic. No job is too small or insignificant to learn to do well. And I should never be so proud as to not be willing to lend a hand in everything — from cleaning toilets to planning a major program. We grow strong together or fall seperately


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