Diner owner defends yelling at toddler to stop crying – Fox 2 News Headlines

Based on the mothers response, I think we have a case of “Lets reason with our child” Lets let her “display her feelings”, she needs to “Be open and in touch with her feelings”… You know the type of parent… Me, if you child is crying that much, get up, leave the restaurant… Have consideration for others. Yes children do cry, yes they can get out of control, but you, as the parent, have to maintain control. This does not mean allowing the child to cry for 45 minutes in a public restaurant. Come on!


PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The owner of a Maine diner says she’s not sorry for yelling at a 21-month-old child for crying in her restaurant because it got the girl to be quiet.

Darla Neugebauer, owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, is defending her actions after a backlash on social media among people who say they’ll never eat at the restaurant again.

Neugebauer wrote on Facebook that the girl had been crying for more than 40 minutes by the time she slammed her hands on the counter and told the girl to be quiet.

She told WCSH-TV that the parents ordered three full-sized pancakes for the child but ignored her, and she claimed they didn’t feed her after the food arrived.

“Life’s full of choices and you’ve got to live

via Diner owner defends yelling at toddler to stop crying – Fox 2 News Headlines.

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