Real men… Do they exist?


America has lost the art of Manhood… Real men are hard to comeby .. Infact manhood has been demonized…

A study by The Innovation Group released on Friday showed that members of Gen-Z largely reject the idea of gender binaries — like male or female — and a majority do not consider themselves “completely heterosexual.”
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Is our nation removing manhood? Will we become a nation if nongenders?

Men and women are allowed to vote for whomever they want. However, our choices can tell a lot about who we are and our belief systems. Voting for Bernie Sanders is voting to be “taken care of,” not unlike a child or a dog. Real adults- both men and women- vote for those who will offer the best opportunities, not the best “free stuff.” A conservative woman recently penned an article detailing how “men” who support Bernie Sanders can never actually call themselves “real men.” The title sound inflammatory, but the points are compelling:

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I once thought I was strong because I could bench press 365 lbs. and felt like the Hulk after a little workout. I once thought I was strong because people looked at me and I could tell they were impressed or intimidated by my height and build. When I became a husband and father, I’ve come to realize this is a feeble and laughable strength.

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We need to return to true manhood… Or our Nation will be lost.. We need to return to true womenhood, our civilization will be lost… We have genders for a reason…


God Bless

Paul Sposite

Why You Shouldn’t Treat Your Kids Equally | The Art of Manliness

It’s Christmas time once again. In a few short weeks, kids will be joyously running out to the tree to see what Santa has left them…before proceeding to bicker and whine that little Jimmy got more presents than they did.

It’s an issue as old as time, and one that presents itself outside of just the holidays: one of your children feels that you favor his or her sibling more than them. Oftentimes these accusations are simply based on a child’s erroneous or incomplete perceptions, but sometimes a parent genuinely does click with one kid more than another.

Whether or not the favoritism actually exists, parents often feel bad their child has formed such a perception and try to remedy it by taking proactive measures to treat all their kids equally. But according to Alex Jensen, professor at BYU’s College of Family Life, such an approach can end up doing more harm than good. To find out why, I talked with Jensen about why you should aim to treat your kids fairly rather than equally.

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The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland

The American education system is broken, for many reasons, but one main reason, as I see it, we are trying to hard…. Five year olds should not be doing math, they should be playing… Discovering life and friendship and sharing, or not sharing, sometimes life is not fair, that too is a good lesson to learn when your just 5 years old.

kindergarten-421623_1280-742x557“The changes to kindergarten make me sick,” a veteran teacher in Arkansas recently admitted to me. “Think about what you did in first grade—that’s what my 5-year-old babies are expected to do.”

The difference between first grade and kindergarten may not seem like much, but what I remember about my first-grade experience in the mid-90s doesn’t match the kindergarten she described in her email: three and a half hours of daily literacy instruction, an hour and a half of daily math instruction, 20 minutes of daily “physical activity time” (officially banned from being called “recess”) and two 56-question standardized tests in literacy and math—on the fourth week of school.

That American friend—who teaches 20 students without an aide—has fought to integrate 30 minutes of “station time” into the literacy block, which includes  “blocks, science, magnetic letters, play dough with letter stamps to practice words, books, and storytelling.” But the most controversial area of her classroom isn’t the blocks nor the stamps: Rather, it’s the “house station with dolls and toy food”—items her district tried to remove last year. The implication was clear: There’s no time for play in kindergarten anymore.

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Mom Outraged to Find This Sticker on Her Son’s Textbook Addressing Abortion and Sex |

Ok, I don’t get why she is pissed? No mention of religion, God or anything. Just a statement. Would she have been pissed if it said, Hey free condoms call.. or free abortion call… ? I think not, Liberals love to act open minded, until they are confronted with it…

Suzanne Young, a mother and New York Times best-selling author of “young adult novels,” took to Twitter to protest the Gilbert Public School District’s decision to express its support of adoption over abortion and abstinence as the “most effective” way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

Take a look at the sticker:

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NFL Star Takes Away Sons’ ‘Participation’ Awards: ‘EARN a Real Trophy’ | MRCTV

Good for him! I agree, just because you join a team does not mean you earn a trophy. We need to stop teaching kids they “deserve” or are “entitled” to anything. Life is not going to hand you anything, we must earn what we get. Be it a trophy or a job, we must teach our kids to work hard for what they want…


“While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy.”

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Country’s youngest murderer nears prison release

Sad story, I remember hearing about it when it happened, and I remember thinking, they need to protect the kids…


MELBOURNE, Fla. — On Tuesday — barring any last-minute setbacks — the country’s youngest murderer will walk out of prison, free for the first time since he was 12 years old.

Curtis Fairchild Jones and his 13-year-old sister, Catherine, admitted to killing their father’s girlfriend, Sonya Nicole Speights, in 1999. Initial signs pointed to jealousy as the motive, but a closer look at documents and child welfare reports revealed the siblings targeted Speights, their father and another male relative living with them, whom they claimed was sexually abusing them.

The plan was to kill all three when they realized their cries for help were going unheeded.

A few days after the organization now known as the Department of Children and Families acknowledged signs of sexual abuse but closed the investigation, Catherine was showering when she heard the bathroom door open. The relative had come in to watch her. He masturbated while she cowered, crying in the corner of the bathtub, Catherine said.

Later that night, she made an entry in her journal: “I’m gonna kill everybody.”

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