Birth Control in Drinking Water: A Fertility Catastrophe in the Making? | Daily News |

Liberals will choose not to report this, it will not fit into their agenda. Birth control has to be harmless, if it not, then they would have to face the possibility that birth control may have to go away… Or not given out as candy. Restrictions would have to be imposed and Doctors would have to follow strict rules for dispensing it. Heaven forbid that a liberal may have to take responsibility for their actions. I read an article about this years ago, in Denver, so many woman took the pill, then peed the drug into the water supply, fish were not reproducing… In Fact, I am sure i even blogged about it back then…

Where are all the enviormental nazies? Where is Greenpeace? How come Obama is not calling the DOJ and asking for an investigations? The EPA should be all over this, this is big! Our world is at risk, we could be creating generations of fish that can not reproduce. and what about the birds that eat the fish, or the humans that eat the fish… Al Gore should be on this like flies on… Well you know what they are on…

It truly is sad that the media and other news organizations feel they can pick and choose what environmental issues they report on…  Maybe if it was affecting gay fish it would be on the news… Or maybe a fish that identified as a bird… are a male fish that is now (through the miracle of an operation) is now a female fish…

All I know is this, the pill is harming not only our water but also our humanity….


WASHINGTON — A recent report from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) found that birth-control hormones excreted by women, flushed into waterways and eventually into drinking water can also impact fish fertility up to three generations after exposure — raising questions about their effects on humans, who are consuming the drugs without even knowing it in each glass of water they drink.

The survey, published in March in the journal Scientific Reports, looked at the impact of the synthetic hormone 17α-ethinylestradiol (EE2), an ingredient of most contraceptive pills, in the water of Japanese medaka fish during the first week of their development.

While the exposed fish and their immediate offspring appeared unaffected, the second generation of fish struggled to fertilize eggs — with a 30% reduction in fertilization rates —  and their embryos were less likely to survive. Even the third generation of fish had 20% impaired fertility and survival rates, though they were never directly exposed to the hormone.

via Birth Control in Drinking Water: A Fertility Catastrophe in the Making? | Daily News |

One thought on “Birth Control in Drinking Water: A Fertility Catastrophe in the Making? | Daily News |

  1. The number of endocrine disruptors we’re exposed to in our environment is horrifying. If you’re concerned about the women in your life being exposed to harmful chemicals that effect reproductive health, I might recommend warning them about BPAs (present in plastics and thermal paper (store receipts) not to mention all the endocrine disruptors added to our shampoos, cosmetics and soap. It’s all making its way into our water supply too. It’s being studied but there is a lot of money at stake and we are a country that puts business before public safety.


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