Ungratefulness… I just don’t get it

In my post “I’m no Superman” I talked about how I care for young people who need help, a place to stay and grow. I mentioned that I have a new young man living with me now, well his mom also needed a place to stay. So my sister offered space in her home for her and her two younger boys, 9 and 12. The agreement was made, rent was to be paid, and the rent money included the money for food an all the rest of the bills.

What she was paying in rent did not cover the total cost, but my sister was will ing to absorb the over run in order to help her and her boys out, to give them a chance to find a place on their own, a chace to save money and even for her to go to school to ge a better job. Over all a great opportunity. So it would seem to most of us, but not to her. Last night my sister had to ask her to leave, a hard thing for her to do, not because she like the mother, but because she loves the two boys, and in the end, they are the ones that will truly suffer.

How did this come about, in a simple word, ungrateful, she is a selfish self-centred person who only cares for herself, even her 3 kids seem to come in behind her and her own wants and needs. To show her gratitude to my sister, she placed a stop payment on her rent check. Now understand that my sister took her in when my sister had no job, no extra money and was not sure about her own future. It’s funny how some people feel that they are entitled to what ever they want, that they alone deserve everything, without doing anything. I just don’t get it.

Thank God my sister did not spend the money, because her checking account would have bounced all over the place. When my sister told her this, her response “Oh well, its your account not mine, at least I wouldn’t have bounced anything, what do you want me to do about it”…. Can you belive that!

I just don’t get it!

The sad thing is, there are a lot of people out there like that, people who feel they deserve what ever they want, that some how life owes them, and we, the rest of the world better pay up or else. I just don’t get it.

So she has until the end of the month to get out, and fend for herself, sadly the two boys also have to get out. She would keep them if she could, as would I, but there is no law saying that if you are stupid, selfish and ungrateful you can not have or raise kids. SOmetimes I with there was…

God Bless


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