In Exile

I am in exile, like the Israelis were for forty years in the dessert, I too am wondering. I am a conservative in my faith and politics, and in today’s world I am one of the lost tribes, searching for my homeland. In the Church I am looked upon as a relic, something that is old and unworthy of any consideration. My views on sex, abortion and prayer are considered a danger to the individual and society as a whole. In my political views I am looked upon as someone who has no compassion for the poor and believes in survival of the fittest. I am outside of the fold, so I am told and do not fit in to the modern society, they very society that claims to open minded and accepting of all rejects the one who they should embrace the most.

This rant and rave stems from the current political climate in the USA and a book I am reading for lent “The Life of Christ” by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Today as I read about the rejection of Christ by the Pharisees and Scribes I was struck with a feeling of understanding. Not that I compare to Christ, but that I understand the feeling of knowing the Truth, to the best of my ability, and still being rejected for that truth. Rejected for teaching the faith as the Church herself professes it, and being stoned with words of distain and crucified on the cross of intolerance.

But like the Israelites I to will pass from my wondering in to the Promised Land, the land of milk and honey. My journey will not last 40 years, at least my political journey, but a mere 4 years. As for my church, she too is changing, I see glimpses of the my homeland, I see it the new parish I am attending, I see it in the fact that vocations are up and for the first time in years more people are entering the faith than leaving it (by the way only the Catholic church was up, all other Christian faith saw a loss).

So God will deliver me and all others in exile to the Promised Land, but like our ancestors we have some more soul searching to still do. And one day soon, God willing, we will be home once again. We will all feel welcomed in any Parish and know that the Glory of God fills this place.

It is an odd feeling; feeling lost in your own home, Jesus must have felt that way in Bethlehem when they rejected him as the Son of God.

God Bless


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