My 3 am wake up call

Last night or should I say this morning at 3am I woke from my sleep. A lot has been on my mind as of late and sleep suffers for this. But this morning my first reaction was to say a quick Hail Mary. I called upon my heavenly mother to come and comfort me, to wrap her loving arms around me, to stroke my hair and sing softly in to my ear. I called upon my heavenly mother to, well mother me.

There is comfort in the hug of a mother, heavenly or earthly. My own Mother is now a heavenly mother, so I have no earthly mother to hold me or to sing softly to me, not that she would sing to me at my age, but its just the basic idea of it. A mothers touch is soft and caring, and often times volumes are spoken in a single touch. Words do not have to be spoken, the touch of a mother is love personified.

So last night I turned to my heavenly mother, and in my simple act of reciting the Hail Mary I asked her for a simple touch and passing hug or even just a simple song whispered in my ear. I was in need of comfort, I was in need of understanding and in some ways I was in need of just plan old being babied a tad bit.

Life is often times demanding and frustrating, and I am currently in the middle of it all, both at work and in my personal life. In the past, prior to my mother passing away, I could call her or visit her, get my hug and a loving touch of understanding, and maybe even a little babying if it was truly needed. In the past my frustrations would become hers as well. Sharing the burden, lifting my load, the power of a mothers love, heavenly or earthly does not change. Last night, I called upon my Heavenly Mother, Mary, the mother of our Lord. I call upon her to comfort me, to love me and to be with me. In doing so, my own mother was present, because a mothers love never dies, she heard my cries and like always came to my side, she lifted my load, sang that soft song of love in to my ear and stroked my hair, caressing me and loving me like only a mother can.

Mother Mary  came to me to offer up her love for my soul, My own Mother came to me, to once again offer up her life as atonement for mine. This is a recurring fact of earthly mothers, daily they offer up there lives for the lives of there children, and once again my mother will do the same.

Last night I was empty with loneliness for my mother, this morning I am filled with loneliness, last night I longed for her loving tough, this morning I have the memory of her tough. God is good!

Last night my heart ached from sadness of my mother passing on, and today my heart aches for the love she still offers me from the heavens above. I miss you and love you mom…


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