Snowflake Workout

Are you stressed out by what feels like a seemingly never ending news cycle? It seems you’re not alone.

The Minnesota-based fitness center chain Life Time Athletic has decided to stop showing cable news networks on their TV screens, saying an increasing number of members think they don’t fit a healthy lifestyle.

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DQtyOloWAAARHgVSeems like everything is offensive… Censorship of our intake of news and views is now happening at Life Time Fitness is now a thing, they decided that FOX, CNN and the rest of the cable news channels are just to stressful for workouts… Really?

Correct me if I am wrong, but are we not old enough to know what we want to watch? If CNN or FOX is just to stressful for me, I am a big boy and know how to turn it off, or in the case of Life Time, I will just watch a different TV (they have large screen TV’s set up for community watching why you ride the bike or walk on the treadmill). I am smart enough to know not to stress myself out, but then again, I also am mentally strong enough to not let the views of others upset me so much, understanding that not everyone will agree with my point of view…

Maybe that’s the issue, maybe Life Time needs to add a mental workout area, to train the snowflakes how to handle stress. Being physically strong will only get you so far in life, but being mentally weak will defiantly keep you down.

I can be a 50 pound weakling and still get a good paying job and function in this world. Being able to lift 300 pounds with my big toe may impress the girls, but wont, necessarily, get me a good paying job.

Now don’t get me wrong, working out, being is good physical shape is important to our over all health, but so is being mentally and emotionally strong.

Maybe Life Time needs to stick to the physical side of things, and let there members decide for themselves what they want to watch. Maybe they need to understand that there members are adults with the ability to cope and deal with life and the stresses that come along with it.

Whats next? Is Life Time going to decide what shows you can watch?

Is watching some “reality” TV show about some thug in prison really a much better viewing choice?

To me it comes down to this, Life Time decided that the real world was just to harsh for there Snowflake members who just could not deal with life, so they decided to cave in and remove the news, because we all know, reality is just to harsh to deal with.

I am not a life Time member, but if I was I would not be happy. I enjoy my time on the treadmill more when I can be plugged in and watch a little FOX news. I feel I have used my time wisely, that I got two things accomplished, my workout and news.

Maybe its just me, but I feel that this is more of a political move then a “we care about our members mental health” move. It seems more and more business are deciding what we can read and watch. This trend is a little scary if you ask me, I really don’t need Life Time and anyone else deciding what is good for my mental health and stress levels. I can decide on my own. Besides, maybe if I do get a little “stressed” watching the CNN news, maybe, just maybe, I will run a little faster on the treadmill to burn off all the stress…

God Bless

Paul Sposite

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