The Surprising Benefits of Giving Money Away | The Art of Manliness

Helping others, be it, by donation of money, time or talent, is the greats joy we can have. Read “Who Really Cares”, It will be an eye opener for sure…

moneyAt the turn of the nineteenth century, a Scottish-born steel tycoon named Andrew Carnegie became the world’s second richest man.

He was 66 years old in 1901 when he retired, and he believed people with means were morally obligated to do good with their money.

Over the next ten years, Carnegie focused on large-scale philanthropy. He funded scientific and medical research. He established pension funds for teachers and professors. He built more than 3,000 public libraries and gave vast sums of money to universities. He loved music and funded music conservatories and donated money to build organs. He gave away money to promote world peace.

By 1911, Carnegie had given away nearly 90 percent of his vast fortune.

via The Surprising Benefits of Giving Money Away | The Art of Manliness.

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