Why Rand Paul stands out – CNN.com

Dr. Paul is one of a few possible candidates that excite me… Young, smart and a true conservative…


Sen. Rand Paul, who is expected to announce on April 7 that he will be running for the presidency, is garnering a great deal of attention as he travels around the country promoting his brand of libertarian conservatism.

The Kentucky senator’s widely publicized appearance this month at the South by Southwest festival at Austin, Texas, was one opportunity he used to appeal to a tech-savvy audience. His particular blend of ideas — a combination of libertarianism and Republican conservatism — stands out from the rest of the pack. Younger Republicans, the much-desired millennial vote, seem attracted by what they are hearing.

via Why Rand Paul stands out – CNN.com.

4 thoughts on “Why Rand Paul stands out – CNN.com

  1. At this point I can see either Mrs. Warren or Mrs. Clinton getting the nomination for the Democratic side of the Isle. And although I favor Mr. Cruz it may not be pheaseable due to his lack of executive experience.


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