The Manual

The manual that God wrote; that we were all supposed to receive at birth, explaining how to interpret the body’s signals, is out of print.

-unknown philosopher from antiquity

How very true, we have seem to have lost the ability to hear our own bodies communicate to us. God created this perfect machine, and we abuse it, and neglect it. I know, I am one who does just that, I allow my body to run in an imperfect state. I over eat, I eat the wrong things, I fail to exercise I use to smoke (just gave that up) and I am sure the list could go on and on.

I would be nice if we still had the owners manual, you know look up an error code when the check body light came on, see what we are to do, what needs replacing and what can just be repaired. But the fallen nature of humanity has lost that ability, and the book is out of print.

Or is it?

I would venture to guess that the book is not out of print, I would have to say that it is still in print, and in fact it is on the best sellers list. It’s a thick book, I have read parts of it. the book gives detailed instructions on the body, it deals with all sorts of issues you may run across and even gives you solutions to the issues.

If it were up to me, I would make this book a must read, requiring it to be in every school and using it as the basic grounds for all medical students.

The book is a collaborative effort, it contains information from doctors and holistic points of views to the everyday type of person, it looks at you as a whole, not just a part. Your ailments are treated holistically, and because of that, your body and soul are treated, not just the body.

This book has spurred many other people to write cliff note type books and books that look at one aspect of it over another, and some have even written books to dispute this book, and yes some even hit the top 10 list, only to fall off a few weeks or months later. But this book, well its still here, still a top seller and still true today as when it was originally written. Now some of the secondary books are very helpful and needed, to help us navigate this book, to give us new understandings and to help translate some of the more complex passages.

God has provided a manual for us, and it’s not out of print, it may be out of use, or even miss used, but it’s still in print, The Holy Bible, the only manual we need.


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