Yes & No

Can we really help someone change….????   Yes and No   Yes, we can we can help by offering our support, or understanding and our gifts. We can help by sometimes just being there, or by encouraging them on their way. By showing them how to remove the road blocks or offering a detour around … Continue reading Yes & No

No Response

Does God sometimes not respond to our prayer request, and if so, is that a response?   I would have to say yes, that sometimes God does not respond, we all have prayed for that A+ on our test, yet to no avail we get the E (well in my case anyway), or pray to … Continue reading No Response

A Lesson from children

How do we become so good at convincing ourselves that we can’t do something? We seem to be able to tell ourselves we can’t do something, or we are not good enough or smart enough, the list of put downs and hold backs can go on for ever. But it seems we have few word … Continue reading A Lesson from children

Top Ten

Can I really be happy in a world that is so messed up? Can I really change in a world that expects me to act a certain way? Can I really work hard and enjoy life? Can things really be a simple as some say and as difficult as others believe? Can mind over matter … Continue reading Top Ten

Yes, No or Maybe

YES, NO, MAYBE… Three responses we could give to almost any question asked of us. So what one do you choose most of the time? If I ask you to take out the garbage would you tell me no? or Yes? If I asked you did you do you want to go to the movies … Continue reading Yes, No or Maybe