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‘Empire’ Actress Claims Her Son Was ‘Racially Profiled’ by Cops – But Dashcam Shows Something Very Different | Top Right News

Race Card!!!!! A star of the hit TV show Empire was caught in a bald-faced lie after video revealed her son was not racially profiled by L.A. County police — after the L.A. Times obtained video from the officer’s dashcam. Taraji P. Henson, an Academy Award- and Emmy-nominated actress — who is scheduled to host Saturday … Continue reading

College Students Present List of Demands at University and One of them is Honoring a Copkiller and Terrorist

OK, here is my problem… Why is there a Black Student Union in the first place? If we want equality, then just ONE student union is needed… By have One for Blacks and then one for the rest of us, you have just segregated the student population… When I was in High School, in Ann … Continue reading

Outrage over racially charged stickers posted on businesses – MyFoxAustin | KTBC | Fox 7 Austin | News Weather Sports

Always keep that race card going…. The Austin Police Department is trying to find the culprits who vandalized local businesses with racially charged stickers. The city says those stickers were put up on several store fronts in East Austin. It happened sometime between midnight and 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. Right now police are treating it … Continue reading

Rapper/Actor Common Says Black People Can Cure Racism And Here’s How -

Many have rightly observed- lamented, actually- that race relations have gotten terribly worse under President Barack Obama. The increase of racial tensions brought about by demagogues who seek to emotionally manipulate and divide our country for their political ends- which usually coincide with the president’s- have been destructive to our civic and cultural fabric. The … Continue reading


“Keep on the lookout for where whiteness shows up, share that information with colleagues,..” warns Kim Feicke in a recent email to Portland teachers.  Feicke is a highly paid “Diversity Consultant” for the Portland Public School System. via DAYLIGHT DISINFECTANT | PORTLAND TEACHERS WARNED: “KEEP ON THE LOOKOUT FOR WHITENESS”.

Black, White – Boy, Girl… Does it matter?

Let me ask you all a question…. Do you think it is productive or counterproductive to always refer to race? Do you think it is productive or counterproductive to always refer to gender? Examples: Unemployment is 9% and black unemployment is 12%… or Black teen killed by white teen or Black America and I could … Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Trayvon & Zimmerman Show

A lot has been said and posted concerning the Zimmerman verdict, some like and some do not. I think this will always be the case when we have a society that is trained to be polarizing. The media worked overtime to make sure the American public had a tainted view of the case. Starting with … Continue reading

My thoughts on Trayvon

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia) Up until now I have not posted about the Trayvon Martin case. I was waiting on facts to come out and hoping for civility. But it seems civility is lost and facts are slow to come. The murder of Trayvon is sad, the murder of any young … Continue reading

How to be Creative–WSJ

Today I read a few interesting articles, so I thought I would share one with you. This is from the WSJ, I hope you enjoy it and find some use out of it. God Bless & Happy Lent Paul Sposite Guided Insight Life Coach  BY: JONAH LEHRER Creativity can seem like magic. We look at … Continue reading

Newt speaks the Truth…

Last night I watched the South Carolina debates on Fox News. What stuck me was the fact that the questions were not designed as “sound bites” and that they were fair. What a concept… It was refreshing to hear, for the most part, intelligent questions from the media. No “So if states want to ban … Continue reading

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