Two Points to live by

We see lots of list published this time of the year, with everyone wanting to start the New Year off with some positive action of some sort. Most of the time it's a top 10 list of some sort. Well I decided ten things to do is just way to many, and really, most of … Continue reading Two Points to live by

Top Ten

Can I really be happy in a world that is so messed up? Can I really change in a world that expects me to act a certain way? Can I really work hard and enjoy life? Can things really be a simple as some say and as difficult as others believe? Can mind over matter … Continue reading Top Ten

Keys to Success

Ten steps to a better you... Well at least a start to a better you... Read and enjoy the road you are on... The key to success is change, we all must change and grow, never becoming static on our path to a better life.  1. Go Past It happened, learn from it, and move on … Continue reading Keys to Success

Tips From Pope John XXIII

We all love tips, the ten steps for everything, so I thought i would do a little research for you and give you The Ten Tips to be a better person.... So here are ten tips from Pope John XXIII about how to live a better life, day to day: 1. Only for today, I … Continue reading Tips From Pope John XXIII