Tigers’ Cabrera trades baseball for ‘Fire Ausmus’ sign

Class act Chicago — Miguel Cabrera is well-known for being a loyal teammate as well as interacting with fans. Both traits were on display late in the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, 10-8 Tigers' victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Walking toward the dugout in between late innings, Cabrera spotted a young Tigers fan quietly holding … Continue reading Tigers’ Cabrera trades baseball for ‘Fire Ausmus’ sign

A First: Tigers to Host LGBT Pride Night at Comerica Park  – Deadline Detroit

So, what night will the Straight Pride Night be? The Detroit Tigers have come a long way. Tony Paul of the Detroit News reports that the club will host an LGBT Pride Night at Comerica Park, the first time in the club's history. The Pride Night will be Wednesday, June 3, at a game against … Continue reading A First: Tigers to Host LGBT Pride Night at Comerica Park  – Deadline Detroit

The F-bomb

I just read an article in the Detroit Free Press (Yes we know how to read in Detroit) about a man who was kicked off his flight out of Detroit Metro airport for dropping the F-bomb (Story here). I'm not going to say that he should have or should not have been kicked off, I … Continue reading The F-bomb

Michigan… Our current state

Image via Wikipedia Michigan Budget and Economic Facts 5/25/2011 10:02 AM An organization called Public Notice has assembled state fact sheets that outline budget and economic facts for all 50 states. Here's Michigan's: Budget: Total State Expenditures (FY 2010 estimated): $45.7 billion Income Tax Rate (Tax Year 2011): 4.35 percent Sales Tax Rate (2011): 6 … Continue reading Michigan… Our current state

Ernie and Detroit

Yesterday the City of Detroit mourned the loss of a great man, Ernie Harwell, the voice of summer. Ernie was the broadcast announcer for the Detroit Tigers for years. His voice on the radio meant that summer was here. As a child I use to listen to Ernie on the radio, to hear the tigers … Continue reading Ernie and Detroit

Baseball and the Mass

I spent the night at the Detroit Tigers Ball game; I love baseball, and the Tigers. But last night they seemed to forget to show up. They where there, on the field, but it looked like no real effort was made.   Funny thing is, on the way home from the game I thought that … Continue reading Baseball and the Mass