15 Questions To Ask Your Kids To Help Them Have Good Mindsets

As a loving parent, it is important to instill in your kids the right mindset and attitude. Both determine how your child interprets the world. And asking the right questions encourage behavior that brings positive change and also allows for the best use of available resources. As the saying goes, where your mind goes, energy flows. … Continue reading 15 Questions To Ask Your Kids To Help Them Have Good Mindsets

Hard to stimulate my mine

Today I am finding it hard to stimulate my mine and find something I want to write about. I have read a few online articles, and nothing, I have looked at my save ideas to write about list, and I have used them all already and now I am just at a loss, even the … Continue reading Hard to stimulate my mine

Change your life in one minute

Change your life in one minute…. Good starter line don’t you think? What could you possibly do in one minute that will change your life? In truth, a lot! But I will give you one idea, one simple quick idea: Think positive about your day for 60 seconds before you get out of bed. Just … Continue reading Change your life in one minute

Deep Thinking

Take a moment and think about the last big decision you had to make, was it an on the spot decision, or did you take your time thinking about it? Most of the time if it is a big decision we want to take a little bit of time, to look at the positives and … Continue reading Deep Thinking

Key #5 Thinking Change

 Key #5 Thinking Change You must change the way you think… No matter what your actions are, if your thought is the same old defeating thought, you will not change… Think yourself new… A very simple concept, change the way you think, but very hard to do! I can change my "outside" thoughts with no problem, … Continue reading Key #5 Thinking Change