Do you know where your child is?

"It's 7:oo pm, Do you know where you child is?" I remember that being on TV when I was a kid, It was a reminder for parents that they must keep track of their child, to take care of them and to protect them. To me, at the time, I just found if sort of … Continue reading Do you know where your child is?

My road to Calvary

My burdens are heavy and the road is long, and along the way I will stumble. It’s the way it is meant to be. We saw this with the passion of our Lord, and his trip to Calvary.But is it really that heavy of a burden?Sure I have bills to pay, a kid to take care … Continue reading My road to Calvary

Why Lent

When looking at the calendar, it is still winter, in-fact we are still getting snow here in Michigan, but looking at the Church calendar, it is spring time, well to put it better a spiritual spring time. We are to go in to Lent, to remove ourselves from the everyday world. And to enter the … Continue reading Why Lent