My life is my own…

Sorry for the delay in posting my blogs, but in truth my time has not been my own. The last two weeks I have been spending with my co-worker/friend from Mexico, taking him out to eat or shopping or what ever he wanted to do. So basically for the last month or so I have … Continue reading My life is my own…

Update and ME Time

I haven’t posted much as of late, it’s been kind of crazy for me, with TONS of stuff to do prior to July 1, but soon, very soon it should calm down for me. Launching a new company and product is very time consuming, but well worth it (I hope!). Setting up the web sites … Continue reading Update and ME Time

A Voice

Now I will receive some ribbing from my partner for this blog, but that’s ok, I’ll take it. Over the weekend we held our 6th grade retreat “Becoming: Active” and the overall lesson was we must take ownership of our faith, make it ours and be active in it. Just showing up at Church or … Continue reading A Voice

Lost it all

Last night, well really all day yesterday I worked my butt off on a document for STATIC Youth. It’s a book for the fall classes on Service, STATIC requires that the middle schoolers perform a service project of some sort, and we decided that the book needed to updated and overhauled. So I worked hard … Continue reading Lost it all

The Hook

Some of you may or may not know this, but STATIC Youth is a corporation that is currently in its infancy stage. We are developing a dynamic and innovative middle school aged education/ministry program. We (my partner Theresa and I) have written all the text books and activities for this program. We push ourselves out … Continue reading The Hook


This Sunday the Confirmation class from our youth group will be making their Confirmation. I have two overriding thoughts or feelings about this.   First off, I am very excited for these young people, they are about to receive the fullness of the Church, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. All very exciting, I … Continue reading Confirmation…

A Peanut Butter Lent

There is always something special about opening up something new. Like a new jar of peanut butter.  From the pop of the air tight cap being remover, to the smell of fresh peanut butter; it is wonderful. The smell seems to fill the whole room. It covers everything.  It is a one of my favorite … Continue reading A Peanut Butter Lent