Conquer Clutter | The Saturday Evening Post

Spring cleaning time is here. Just a nice article to help you with the de-cluttering process... For some time the least-used part of our house, the basement, had been the cause of the most stress. Strewn about and packed into the sectioned spaces—a finished playroom with two storage rooms on either side with exposed cinderblock … Continue reading Conquer Clutter | The Saturday Evening Post

Gimme a Break! | The Saturday Evening Post

I was thinking the other day of everything that’s changed since I was a kid. Some people don’t like change, but I’m not one of them. To believe something shouldn’t change is to say it can’t be improved, and I don’t know anything that can’t be made better with creativity and work. Of course, with … Continue reading Gimme a Break! | The Saturday Evening Post

Spring Clean your Soul

Spring is here, at last! It took some time to hit Michigan, but it has. I know this because of the thunder storms and sunshine we get. And I for one am glad! 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul April 15, 2011 at 5:00 am By Taryn Galewind Let Go of Things That No … Continue reading Spring Clean your Soul

A Welcoming Enviroment

Spring is on its way, it will be here sooner that we think, and that means we will also be getting our gardens ready. Cleaning them out, making room for the new plants and layouts we want to do. Anyone who knows me knows I love to redecorate to rethink my home and gardens. I … Continue reading A Welcoming Enviroment

Spring Fever

Spring fever has set in, I am truly done with winter and the snow and the cold. It can all end now! I want to open my windows up in my house, air it out. I want to sit outside and enjoy my fish pond. I am sick of sitting inside, of felling cold, and … Continue reading Spring Fever

Create Fall

With the crisp air of fall here, it’s time to start thinking about our gardens and cutting them back for the winter. The new blossoms of spring turned in to the summer canvas that God created his glory on, summer turns in to fall, and now it’s time once again for God to paint the … Continue reading Create Fall


It is September, the kids are back off to school and the world starts to get that great fall smell. I love the smell of fall, the smell of the old going out and the winter setting in. I know its way too early to talk about winter, but fall is a short session, and … Continue reading Fall

The God Spot

Spring seems to be taking its time to warm up here in Michigan. We get a few warmer days, and then it seems to cool back down. But we know it’s on its way, it has to be because spring comes every year, it’s in Gods plan.   For me, I am ready for summer, … Continue reading The God Spot

Soul Cleaning

Spring cleaning, who ever thought of that?  To spend a whole day or two cleaning the inside of your house, when it is beautiful outside, not a very smart idea, or so it seems.   I just spent the past weekend doing just that, spend all day Saturday in my basement cleaning out over 10 … Continue reading Soul Cleaning

Life is what Happens to you

“Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans”   That statement was from a song by John Lennon called Beautiful Boy.  It’s a beautiful song about how he can’t wait for Sean to grow up, and how he is excited about seeing him grow up. But as the song states, … Continue reading Life is what Happens to you