The Coldest Month in U.S. History – HISTORY

Just to help keep thins in perspective... Snow weighed down the fronds of palm trees of Fort Myers, Florida, while an icy crust formed on the Mississippi River in New Orleans. Nearly three feet of snow Source: The Coldest Month in U.S. History - HISTORY

Driving through life

As I drove in to work this morning the roads where a little messy, you see last night we had a snow fall, about 3 inches here in south east Michigan. As a result the drive took a little longer than normal. I’m good with that, no rush, take your time and everyone will make … Continue reading Driving through life

It's God's fault

Snow! Snow! Snow! Well its March 28th and God has seen fit to send snow to Michigan again! Ever notice how people will blame God for things, I mean really do you think God is sitting in heaven saying, "Hmmmm, I think I will send snow to Michigan today, just to mess with Paul". I … Continue reading It's God's fault