Between Sleep and Awake

Image via Wikipedia Each and everyday we all wake with the opportunity to make a difference in our lives. We awake with an newness that only exist in that moment. The moment before reality sets in. What we chose to do with that moment can make or break our day. that sounds a little “new … Continue reading Between Sleep and Awake

Why 'Sleeping on It' Helps

Good Advice....  We're often told, "You should sleep on it" before you make an important decision. Why is that? How does "sleeping on it" help your decision-making process? Conventional wisdom suggests that by "sleeping on it," we clear our minds and relieve ourselves of the immediacy (and accompanying stress) of making a decision. Sleep also … Continue reading Why 'Sleeping on It' Helps

Let the dreams flow

I am often reminded that I allow my mind to take off with ideas, I run with them, even if it is in my own mind and allow them to take over, for a little bit anyway. I will admit I do this, and I enjoy the process. It happens when something excites me, a … Continue reading Let the dreams flow

I may even have something worth saying….

It is Sunday Morning in Pune, India. The sun is out and I hear the honking of many horns as the people go about the daily life of livening in Pune.  As for me, I am running on empty, my flight arrived in Bombay at 11:30 pm Saturday night, and I arrived at my hotel … Continue reading I may even have something worth saying….

Odd Dreams

Last night I had a dream, well sort of; it was more of an almost asleep dream. You know that magical place between awake and sleep. Well that’s where I was, and have been most nights for hours; more on that latter. This dream was strange, I was dreaming about writing my blog, but I … Continue reading Odd Dreams